Lucky Me: Pancit Bihon Review

Nov 2, 2014

        I saw these instant noodles while I was doing groceries the other day. I know these are not good for the body (some say it's the root of cancer, etc) but it's not as if we eat this every day, right?
        I eat these when I'm up at night doing some work or when I woke up from a bad sleep in the middle of the night then my stomach asks for something to dissolve.
        Anyway, I've tried and have eaten a couple of time the Mac and Cheese. It's actually my favorite!

        It doesn't taste like an instant noodles; it tastes like a real Mac & Cheese (manually prepared & done). I remember when I first tried it, I began to doubt the other shops who offer mac and cheese and thought to myself, "They might be just using Lucky Me's Mac & Cheese!" Lol.

        Today, I tried the Pancit Bihon. I didn't read the instructions at the back because I thought it was the same! Haha! For some reason, as I was waiting for the noodles to soften, I decided to read through the instructions and saw that I didn't have to put the noodles in the cooking pot with a boiling water! All I had to do was boil a water, put the noodles together with the vegetable bits in a bowl and pour the boiling water in the bowl. I didn't have to cook it like what we usually do with the other instant noodles.

        I was quite confused too with the included seasonings. It didn't have any labels showing what it was. I still had to refer to the packaging and guess which is which. I was particularly worried of the orange substance. I thought it was a chilli sauce (I'm not allowed to eat spicy food, it causes me asthma) but it was actually a "special oil".

        I had a hard time mixing the ingredients together. I don't know if it's because I cooked the noodles differently than told in the instructions or it's because the seasoning are short for the noodles.

        Regarding the taste, it's not as tasty as I expected it to be. I don't know to some but it tasted like a regular pancit canton. Unlike the Mac & Cheese, this Pancit Bihon didn't taste like Bihon at all. I was quite disappointed.
        Will I purchase this again? Yes. I would like to follow the instructions this time and see if it will change the taste. If it's still the same, I'd rather purchase the regular pancit canton kalamansi flavor than this.
        Have you tried this Pancit Bihon instant noodles by Lucky Me? What can you say about it? Comment your thoughts about it on the Disqus comment box below. 

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