Plan it your way with Scribble Planner 2015

Nov 28, 2014

I was looking around Fully Booked Mall of Asia branch last week when I saw this simple yet interesting planner; a planner by Filed!.

Personally, the simplicity of the cover caught my attention and interest. Luckily, there was an opened piece (or probably a sample) that was for browsing. It didn't take me much time to decide to buy it. Let me show you why.
the Planner (cover)

  • 8" x 6.5" x 0.75"
  • Dateless and rearrange-able pages
  • Classic ribbon binding
  • Inspirational typography artworks
  • Spacious monthly and daily views with additional scribble pages
  • Kraft pocket
  • Scribbled stickers to highlight your best ever days
  • Weekly quotes and things to look forward to
  • Leisure lists (bucket list, wants, wishes, things that make you happy)
  • Expense tracker
  • Photo pages to make a collage of your treasured moments
inside the Planner

I instantly decided to buy this because it allows me to personalize it by adding colors, writing my own dates, lists (and even labels!).

        This planner even gives us pages to draw or write whatever we feel like scribbling!
        A pocket-like is found at the inside back cover of the planner where you can probably put receipts, and other little papers you have to bring every day.

This planner comes with stickers as well!

        At the beginning of every month, there are typographys/quotations to inspire you.
This is my favorite.

This planner indeed has lots of spaces for writing which makes it really different from the others. You can leave the pages as it is - very simple and clean - if you're a minimalisr or if you're a creative person, these clean pages will encourage you to make it more interesting; yes, unleash those artistic skills!

Basically, planners help us become organized persons. Aside from being organized, Scribble motivates us to think beyond the lines and boxes. It invites us to draw, color and imagine. And more than anything else, Scribble lets us be ourselves and encourages us to be positive.

So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a copy while stocks last! It retails at Php545 only! You can buy this from any Fully Booked store or directly from their website.

        What planner have you been using the past years?

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