Christmas Gift 2014

Dec 25, 2014

For months, I have been struggling with my Asus K43S series. It became slow and it casually shuts down. That was why I really waited for Christmas just so I can ask my parents to buy me another laptop as their Christmas gift.

Initially, I wanted to ask for a Macbook Pro or Macbook Air. However, after knowing how much it costs, I searched for other alternatives and well, I believe this Asus Transformer (Asus T100) would do the job.

To give you an overview, this is a 10" tablet and ultraportable. You can detach the tablet (screen) from the keyboard. I'll just make a separate review about this soon.


My mom gave some extra money so I was able to buy a bag and a sleeve from Halo. I needed a bag that could fit everything I need. I needed also sleeve to protect my laptop in case I used another bag. I'll probably make another post about Halo soon too.

I noticed that as we grow older, we learn how to look for affordable items. We learn to consider the costs and functionality of the items we plan to purchase. In this sense, I can say... that I've matured.

Christmas is a gift-giving season but let's not be all demanding to our parents. Let's learn to know which ones they can afford and those that they cannot. Let's not insist the things we want and let's learn to be considerate of our financial status. Remember: We don't need to have the same things others are having.

Merry Christmas!
What did you receive this Christmas?

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