The Most Awaited Feng Shui 2

Dec 24, 2014

Honestly, I'm not a fan of Pinoy (Filipino) horror movies because I find it corny because it's usually the same old stories but when I first watched the Feng Shui 1, I loved it.
The story was different from the typical horror movies. I was actually convinced about the bagua that I immediately removed ours right after I finished watching the movie! Haha. That was how great the first movie was.
Now that they have a new movie coming out tomorrow, December 25, I hope this second movie could surpass the success of the first one.
For your reference, here's the trailer of the first Feng Shui movie:
According to Kris Aquino who was the main character of the first Feng Shui movie, this is what to expect from it:
I honestly can't wait to watch this movie! If only my friends would be available tomorrow to watch it. These kind of movies are much fun to watch with friends, I swear. Watched the first with my friends too and we were all screaming all throughout the movie.
Catch Feng Shui 2 and many more films for the MMFF 2014 starting tomorrow, December 25 2014 in the different cinemas nationwide.

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