Feng Shui 2 Movie Review

Dec 25, 2014

How did you spend your Christmas day? Me, well, this is a snapshot of what I and my friend went through today to watch one of the Metro Manila Film Fest (MMFF) entries entitled Feng Shui 2.

We went to SM Dasmarinas Cinema and the line was crazy! I arrived in SM around 2:45 in the afternoon and the line for the ticket was already long. If you've been to SM Dasma, from the ticketing booth, the line reached up to SM Department store 3rd floor entrance. Almost across Max's Restaurant!

Lucky I own an e-Prepaid card and was able to purchase the ticket online! Saved us from the long, crazy line! Thanks BPI for this great card! (separate post coming soon)

Feng Shui 2 Review

The movie (Feng Shui 2) was more on the suspense; not that terrifying like the 1st movie. The 2nd Feng Shui was filled with shocking scenes and personally, I was satisfied with that.
This movie explains why Lotus Feet does what she does and what exactly is the curse enclosed with the bagua.

However, up to this point, I'm confused with the last part of the movie. I don't know if it's because of the noisy crowd that I didn't really understood it or it is because the movie was just really incomplete.

I don't know why or how Joy (Kris Aquino) remained alive. I'm also bothered by the appearance or the existence of Dough's (Ian Veneracion) character in the movie. Somehow, the movie didn't clearly explain the proper way to destroy the bagua or the right way to stop the curse.

Anyway, in-betweens of the movie, there would be some comedy which makes it just the right blend. Audience gets the chance to breath and survive the movie since even in the beginning, there's already intense suspense scenes.

I really love how the parts came together just like how they did it with the first movie. A round of applause to Carmi Martin, Coco Martin and Cherry Pie Picache's acting skills! And to everyone else behind the Feng Shui 2 movie. Great job indeed!

Why should you watch this movie?

Because it's fun to get scared and feel funny at the same time. If you were to ask me, it's great to watch this movie with friends or family members in their proper ages. Though this movie is open for younger audiences, I guess it's much better to save your younger kids or family members from the sleepless nights. Some of the scenes are quite violent and/or disturbing. I think we should not let kids have these graphics or visuals in their imaginations.

If you've watched the first Feng Shui, I recommend you to watch this for you to understand the history of the bagua and Lotus Feet. But if you haven't watched the first, don't worry! This movie gives bits of throwback scenes and lines all throughout so new audience would be able to relate too.

Overall Verdict

It may not be as frightening as the first movie but it's a good and must watch! Personally, I was satisfied because I get what I expected and that is to... scream loud! But if you're after a deep and well constructed story, then this movie might not be for you. The later part of the movie or the deaths became quite corny that is I think why some people say they didn't like it.

Personally, I think Feng Shui 2 isn't that bad but isn't as great as the first. My friend and I enjoyed watching it.

Just be prepared to be a little frustrated at the end because the story didn't really end yet. But if you're like me who loves getting scared, you'd enjoy this movie.

If Feng Shui will have a third movie, I'd love to watch it again but I hope the story ends there.

I have prepared tips for those who wants to watch the MMFF entries tomorrow or the coming days especially those planning to watch in SM Dasmarinas Cinema. Click here for the tips.

Feng Shui 2 Scary or Not? (update 26-dec-14)

Almost everyone is confused. We all have our own definition of "scary". Maybe to some, scary means jump scares. While for some, scary could mean sleepless nights... those moments you take the story of the movie with you at home and gives you frightening imaginations at night.

Personally, I didn't have sleepless nights after watching but I had a lot of jump scares (gulat factor) all throughout the movie but it doesn't mean the movie isn't worth the watch.

Again, remember that we all have our own definition of scary. For you to know if it's scary (sa sobrang takot di ka makatulog) or not (puro gulat lang), you just have to watch it and see for yourself.

How about you?
What is your favorite horror movie and why?

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