A Mannequin is Not an Expense; It's an Investment!

Dec 23, 2014

As a fashion online seller, I need to invest on a lot of things to make my service easier and make me more productive. A sample investment would be mannequins.

A few years back, I just take photos of my products while it's hanged outside my closet door. Then last year, I learned that having when worn photos of the items draw more customer because they get to see how it really looks like when worn.

However, because of my busy schedule, I no longer have enough time to do the when worn photos. It's very time consuming for me because I have to change, set the camera and find the right angles. I'm a one man team for my shop so I decided to save up and buy a mannequin instead.

Photo credits to Mannequin Inc
I bought my mannequin from Mannequin Incorporated. I have been searching for this particular mannequin and I was more than happy to know they sell it. I'm even happier to know they have a branch in Tutuban Prime Block (Divisoria) which is more accessible for me than their main office/branch in Quezon City.

Their branch in Divisoria wasn't so hard to find. If you know Tutuban mall, they are just near the escalator (entrance of the mall), across RCBC bank.

I had to call them first to confirm their holiday schedule. They said they are open until today, December 23 and will resume on the 26th of December. For their New Year schedule, I was not able to ask but I think they will no longer be open on 30th. To make sure, give them a call to confirm.

Photo credits to Mannequin Inc
They have a variety of mannequins - from dress forms to full body mannequins. There are different colors (skin tone, white and black), sizes (kids, adults and; maternity) and even poses (standing, sitting, etc) available. If you own a fashion business (with a physical store), this shop will definitely be a big help for your visual merchandising.

Photo credits to Mannequin Inc
Today, I went to buy this gorgeous mannequin at Tutuban Mall. This is the specific mannequin I have been wanting to have. I personally like the straight arms instead of the bent because it's much easier to put garments on a straight arm. 

According to their Facebook page, the details of this mannequin are:
Code: F-7
Face: ANNE
Height: 5'8"
Bust: 35"
Waist: 25"
Hips: 36"
I bought this for Php 2,500 (roughly US$56). Wig is not included. The wigs they have costs too much so I didn't get one; the cheapest was almost Php 600 (US$13). If you check their Facebook page details, they said they sell short wigs for Php 350 or US$8 and Php 450 or US$10 for the long one. However, for their branch in Tutuban, the only stocks available are wigs from Lynelle; no wonder why it was priced high.


If you're planning to buy one, I suggest you bring a car with you or someone to help you with the box. It was quite heavy all together. The box dimension is 110 x 38 x 35 cm and the gross weight is 10kg. But though it may seem heavy while in the box, it's not so hard to assemble. The parts are actually lightweight!

NOTE: The color of the mannequin in my photos here may differ from actual. But the color I got is skin tone. Though it looks a bit redish in actual, the saleslady told me that the skin tone color will eventually come out after it's exposed to air and sunlight. Let's see if she's right.

To know more about their offerings, the details are stated below for your reference.
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mannequinincorporated 
Website: http://mannequin.com.ph/Email: mannequin.inc@gmail.com
Contact Numbers: (02) 586-8528 | 0917-518-8844 (globe) | 0925-725-2954 (sun) 
Hours of Operation: Monday to Saturday between 9:00 am to 6:00 pm 
1) Showroom office at # 55 Tinagan St. Brgy. San Jose Quezon City 
2) LS-02 Tutuban Prime Block, ground floor (near escalator, across RCBC bank)
Again, let's learn to differentiate what are expenses and what are investments. Yes, this can also be considered as an expense for the reason that you had to shell out some money but in the long run, this is an investment because this will eventually help you earn more. *winks*

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