Dec 24, 2014

Good bye to my colorful polka layout which I had for years! It's about time to freshen up my blog with a simple theme.

If you're a regular blog (using desktop view), you might have already noticed. I bought this template from Kay Luxe Design.

Honestly, I can grab a free layout online and just do the tweaking but I no longer have time to go through all that so I'd rather pay than include to my endless to-do list.

Sometimes, we pay for products or services to make our life easier and this template is one of them. It may be too costly for some but hey! If you're really serious with blogging, you have to make a presentable layout or design.

You can check other paid templates for Blogger and Wordpress in Etsy.

Share the story of your template design/layout.
Did you make it yourself or did you also buy it from somewhere? 

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