Phone Camera Lens Review

Dec 8, 2014

I believe it's because of social media especially Instagram and smartphones which lead people get into photography. Everyone seems to be taking photos, right?

Few years back, the DSLR cameras became a trend. It's like a must have camera for every family. But because of smartphones, a lot have discovered how it can already do the job. Like for an iPhone, it already has a reliable camera even for low lights! I guess this is how the mobile lenses came about.

Manufacturers saw the demand since smartphone users began to use their mobiles as a compact camera. They offered lenses - fish eye, wide and macro and others - so a user can maximize his/her usage of the phone's camera. And I must admit, it's a pretty cool invention!

Because of these small lenses, I get to enjoy my phone's camera more. I was able to shoot wider to show my friends in Facebook or followers in Instagram the entire landscape or whatever it is I am shooting. I'm also able to shoot cool looking photos through my fish eye lens.

I bought mine from my friend's online shop - onlinemarketph. I just don't know if she still sell these. I bought mine at around Php900 (roughly about $21).

Here's a comparison of the shots. I used my iPhone5 and a tripod so you can clearly see the difference and because it's raining, I took the shots from our doorstep.

Excuse the dirt in my tripod! Sorry! Hehe
normal, wide lens & fish eye lens

normal shot from iphone 5 camera
sample shot using the wide lens
sample shot using the fish eye lens
Both lens - wide & fish eye - the edge of the lens are seen. I guess it's designed like that... at least for the brand I got. Maybe other brands have better framing.


When using the macro lens, you have to be really close to the subject. The phone camera & the lens will do it's own focusing. It focuses on the nearest surface or subject.

sample shot using the macro lens
another sample, quite blurry because the flower was moving
I'm super glad that my friend introduced these lenses. You won't use these every day but these lenses are definitely a boredom killer. I usually use these when I'm bored at home or on events/family gatherings. It's so fun to have something to play with!

      What can you say about these mobile phone lenses?
Disclaimer: The first two (2) photos aren't mine. Photo credits to the owners.

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