Safe Haven Movie Review

Dec 25, 2014

The other day, I was able to watch Safe Haven movie at HBO. I've seen the book and the movie poster before but didn't really have the time to grab a copy or see the movie. Thanks HBO!

Anyway, I was particularly interested to watch because Josh Duhamel is in it. I'm a big fan of this dude and I watch most of his films not because I'm a fan. Let's make this clear, I became his fan because all his movies are great! I watch his movies because he's a good actor and his movies have great stories therefore making me a fan. Did it make sense?

Back to my review...

The movie started off with a girl named Katie running away from someone. She took the bus and arrived at small town where she decided to stay. She met Alex (Josh Duhamel) and his kids in their small convenience store.

She applied and worked for a dinner and she was offered a house farther to the woods. She met a woman named Jo who claimed to live somewhere around the woods too. They became good friends.

Actually, in the beginning it seemed to be just a typical love story but the end just made it a touching and wonderful one. It's just wonderful how each part of the movie falls together perfectly. 

This movie isn't just about two people falling in love. It's also about acceptance, love for family, letting go and moving on. This is an easy-watch movie and could turn out boring for some but I swear, this is worth the watch. Watch it 'til the end!

What makes you feel safe?

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