Seafood Pasta in Mary Grace

Dec 8, 2014

I had my first Cafe Mary Grace meal at Trinoma when I went for Bianca Gonzalez's book signing. I was happy to see from the menu that they have a seafood pasta. I thought it would be like the usual seafood gambero I eat but it was different.

The pasta was olive oil-based and it was mostly filled with mushroom and oysters which I didn't like. There was only one big shrimp and a few squid which somehow disappointed me because in the menu, it communicates that it has a balanced number of seafood in the pasta but clearly, as you can see above, it's mostly mushroom and oysters, right?

I just hope next time, they would be able to provide balanced seafood ingredients so a customer could truly enjoy this pasta. I was only disappointed at the seafood inclusions but the pasta itself was delicious.

In this kind of pasta, what kind of seafood do you want it to have?

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