Unfair Screening of the MMFF 2014

Dec 26, 2014

The Metro Manila Film Fest (MMFF) started yesterday, December 25. There are a total of 8 official entries and they are the following: (click on the titles to view the trailers)
1. Bonifacio: Gusto Mo Ba Sya Makilala?
2. English Only Please
3. Feng Shui 2
4. Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles
5. Magnum Muslim 357
6. My Big Bossing
7. Praybeyt Benjamin 2
8. Shake, Rattle and Roll 15
But the two movies shown in the cover photo above are, as they claim now, the top grossing movies for the MMFF 2014. And I have an argument for that.
How can the other entries catch up with the gross sales if they are not being shown in other cinemas? Like for example, the movie... Bonifacio. I'm from General Trias, and the nearest malls for me are SM Dasma and Robinsons Pala-pala. Both malls don't show that movie? Now how on earth do they think this movie could earn and catch up? What if there are about a hundred people like me who wants to watch Bonifacio but couldn't because it's not showing in the cinema we are in? 
Cinemas shouldn't be just after the sales. I'm pretty sure the reason why they cater and chose the movies they are showing now is because it is what will sell. But at least, they should have made a proper scheduling to give chance to ALL entries.
Like for example: If the mall only has 4 cinemas (like in the case of SM Dasma), they should have divided the time. Since there are 8 entries, then 2 movies per cinema. If there are 4 screening time per cinema then 2 screening time for each. Get it?
This way, it is much FAIR to assess which actually is top grossing; alin ba talaga ang bumenta. I saw some malls opened two cinemas for the same movie. Their reason? To accommodate the customers which simply means sales, right? Pity on those other entries that didn't get the chance to be shown.
Somehow, I hope this reaches the MMFF team/management or whatever they are called just to call their attention. And hopefully, next time, they'd be able to make sure each entry gets the same screening.
Do you have the same opinion as me regarding this matter?
Share yours below.

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