The perks of living in Cavite, specifically General Trias, is that we can easily go to Tagaytay. Usually, when my parent's or even my friends come over, after staying some time at home, they would ask if we can all go to Tagaytay as it's less than an hour drive.

We usually take them to the restaurants we've been to before because, as mentioned in my post about before, we're too skeptical to recommend a place we haven't tried ourselves. So we always end up taking them to Leslie's.

Here's another post for the blog series: Friday's 10 Happy Things by Helga of My entire week was spent at home due to some terrible pain. So this was quite challenging because I had to look more on the littlest things that made me happy this week.

I had to watch Heneral Luna over and over again because I wanted to support the anti-piracy law and I really enjoy watching it. I kept asking their team including Director Jerrold Tarog through Twitter when they will release a DVD copy because wanted to keep watching it and also lend it to my family members who did not have the time to watch it due to their busy work schedule. Well, I have good news for Heneral Luna fans and those who did not catch it in the cinemas...

This volume came late because I have been very sick the past days which I will blog about next time. Anyway... This week's #YouBlogYou will be about blog design and statistics. This is for us to understand how these aspects can be significant towards the growth of our blogs.

If you're wondering what this is, #YouBlogYou is a blog series dedicated for bloggers wherein they will answer 11 questions related to blogging every week. This is a great opportunity for us to know them more as bloggers while others can learn something from them too.

My mom, together with my dad, were invited to a site visit yesterday at Lancaster New City which is just about 30 minutes drive from our home. I was not suppose to come with them but because we had to go to S&R Imus right after, it would be a hassle to come back home to pick me up. Before I agreed, I searched Google to find if there's a cafe I can stay in while they go on with their activities. I was happy to know that a Bean and Butter Cafe exists in the area.

If you're following this blog, you may have seen my post about this candy before. I really loved it so I went back to SM Department store to buy a new one. Unfortunately, when I went there, it was sold out. It took my a couple more visits before they displayed new stocks. And it was only then that I found out, there were other designs.

I'm sure you have heard people saying Thank God It's Friday! or at least read its acronym in Facebook statuses and tweets. Truly, there's a lot to be thankful for. It would be really great to begin the weekend with positive thoughts by simply looking at the things that made us happy during the week. So this is why I'm joining Helga's Friday's 10 Happy Things. It allows me to practice focusing on the good things and it also allows me to realize how life actually works in our favor.

I never really paid attention to the security of my social media accounts because I used to think that no one would dare hack my accounts because for one, I'm not famous and I seriously can't think of a reason why someone would want to gain access in my account. 

But last night, I learned not to be complacent. I learned that I should have always kept my accounts secure. Yes, I'm no popular person but that should not keep me from protecting my online accounts. It's just the same as protecting your home or yourself; but in a virtual set-up.

Here's what happened...

In the Philippines, bringing of chocolates from other countries has been the pasalubong custom. or tradition especially for OFWs. Since my mom is one of the modern heroes (OFW), she usually brings home packs of chocolates for our family. However, this year, she only brought a few and this elegant looking box full of chocolate.

There so many reasons why people prefer to dine outside. The famous reason would be because of a celebration. But aside from that, another common point would be that we are just too lazy to cook. That very reason plus the intention to also try a new restaurant we have always drove past weeks before led us to this native and garden restaurant.

We now know ourselves and other bloggers deeper through the first volume of this blog series: You Blog You. Since photography is my all-time interest, I decided that the second volume will be all about photography.

Due to my passion for photography, I always find myself wondering if other blogs do put time and effort with their blog photographs as much as I do. Wouldn't it be great to learn what other bloggers use or how they come up with great photographs in their blog sites or even Instagram feed? Let's end this intro and get to the Q&As!

I really didn't have a plan to purchase another wrist watch. But when my mom and I were looking for a Christmas gift, another watch caught my attention especially that it had a sale tag on it.

Before I go on discussing the watches we saw, I just would like to share my thoughts about giving a wrist watch as a Christmas gift. I really find it ideal especially for teens as it will help them learn how to manage their time wisely. It can be costly than buying a bag or an affordable shoe, but because it's an product not an easily bought, it makes it a great gift item.

Forget buying cheap wrist watches! Learn from my story here. Invest in a good watch and witness it last for years. You can even pass it on to your siblings if you've grown tired of its style. The best brand to go to for affordable stylish and excellent quality watches would be from Timex.

I started this month with excitement and happiness because it reminded me that it's exactly 25 days before Christmas and that this time, I will finally be spending it with my parents. I just can't get over the fact that after so many years, and though I occasionally go to Papua New Guinea for Christmas, this would be the first Christmas we will have as a family in our own home, here in the Philippines.

At the same time, I was informed that it was CityMall Anabu's Grand Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony that day. I'm grateful to be invited to be a part of the event.

“My Bebe Love: Kilig Pa More!” starring Vic, Ai-Ai and Aldub: Guaranteed to break records at the 2015 MMFF

What happens when the country’s comedy giants - the undisputed Philippine box-office king of comedy Vic Sotto and box-office queen Ai-Ai delas Alas, join forces with the newest record-breaking, phenomenal loveteam Aldub in one groundbreaking movie during the holiday season?

No doubt, “My Bebe Love: Kilig Pa More!,” starring Vic Sotto, Ai-Ai Delas Alas and the phenomenal loveteam Aldub of Alden Richards and Maine “Yayadub” Mendoza, is going to make a killing at the box-office and set higher heights in the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) History.

Celebrating the season won’t be complete without giving and receiving gifts form loved ones and colleagues. Gifts without relying on the tag price are much appreciated especially if much thought have been given to the receiver.

Recipient appropriate gift

We must consider the preference of who we are giving gifts to. Someone who loves to cook should be given something that would complement her cooking skills. A sports buff would appreciate something he can use for his sports. Kids would definitely love toys and gaming gadgets.

Cd-r King, you’re one-stop media provider can give you more ideas as you visit their close to 400 stores nationwide. From Gadgets to home appliances and other personal stuffs, Cd-r King can give you a more affordable choice.

I recently created a blog series which will be called YOU BLOG YOU. You know how the phrase "You Do You" means you do your thing? That's almost the same as saying You Blog You: you blog about yourself as a blogger. So how will this go? You can know more about this here.

Before I saw the TVC about Maybelline's Nationwide Crazy Sale, I already knew about it when we visited a Watson's branch in SM Calamba. Indeed, a lot of products are on sale and some are really almost 50% off! The said sale will be until December 31, 2015.

We got a chance to dine in at Balay Dako the other week because my dad's friends came over to our house and wanted to bring their Papua New Guinean colleague to Tagaytay that night. Since they're not familiar with the roads in our area going to Tagaytay, and where to eat there, they asked my dad for assistance. I just went with my dad so he won't have to go home alone.

Balay Dako wasn't really our first choice. We have been dining in Leslie's and Bali Seafood Paluto. We have tried them a couple of times already and have always been satisfied with the quality of food and service. Those experiences makes us confident to bring our foreign friends there.

The Liebster Award is basically an award given by a blogger to a fellow blogger. This blog tag helps us discover new blogs, encourages us to interact and build a community where we can all learn from one another.

I was very happy and thankful that Cess, tagged me. This would be a great opportunity to know more about the bloggers I come across with in various Facebook groups and also a chance for me to share a little more about myself.

Adult coloring books has been trending across the country for quite some time now. New and more books are being sold online or in-stores. Most of those books compose animals, mandals, garden, patterns, cities, and recently, fashion illustrations. I own quite a few already and I must admit, it can get boring overtime. When I color, I switch from one book to another because I easily get bored with the templates because they all look the same anyway.

I own a Paris Secret adult coloring book and is by far my favorite because it was really consistent with the theme/title of the book. It was like a book that talks about Paris - its places, products and fashion. I secretly wondered why I haven't seen or heard of a coloring book that show Philippine heritage or culture. Then one day, a good friend of mine spoke about his friend who was in the process of creating a coloring book. I didn't know that it was be the book I was looking for.

I was just passing by SM Dasmariñas when I saw this colorful container of candies. I can't help but to stop to look at it. Even from a far, I knew that the candy was jelly-gummy-like because of the visible texture. And looking at the packaging that says it's a product from Thailand, I became more interested at how it would taste like.

We were scheduled to attend a baptism at Sampaloc Manila last Sunday, November 15, 2105. We are not used to the streets of Manila so we decided to look for a place to stay-in the night before (November 14) to save the travel from Cavite to Manila. It turns out we had a good decision because of the hassle traffic caused by the closed roads for the APEC 2015.

We were quite worried we wouldn't find an affordable and accessible hotel room in Manila; since we were booking morning of November 14. As I was researching through Google for affordable hotels in Manila, I came across Red Planet's website. Because my Dad is more familiar with Ermita area, we chose that branch for our overnight stay. I was impressed at how affordable their rates were given the fact that we were booking less than 8 hours before the check-in time that day.
kulay pinoy coloring book

Jomar, a good friend of mine, knew I was into adult coloring books and mentioned to me that he has a friend who is the process of publishing a coloring book. He wasn't able to explain to me fully what the book will be about or how it would look like so it did not really catch my attention. But when I found out it had a Pinoy touch to it, I quickly went gaga over it.

Just been really busy (and sick!) the past days so I wasn't able to create a post for this. It may be late to share this now but it's better late than never. :)

Last November 1, I was busy for the arrival of my parents because I will be picking them up at the airport. I knew that the it was going to be a cold drive so I wanted to wear a hoodie. However, because I have gained weight from the past months, my jackets and even knits didn't fit me anymore. I checked the SM Department Store but most of the hoodies were above my budget. I have decided then to just wear a long sleeves shirt until I walked pass Artwork T-Shirts Philippines, SM Dasmariñas branch. I found out they were having a sale at that moment and when I asked their ever so accommodating staff if they had hoodies, they showed me these.


From November 13 to December 4, 2015, all single transaction orders worth a minimum of P500 placed every Friday from 10 AM to 11 PM will serve as a raffle entry to win the weekly cash prizes:

November 13 – P10,000
November 20 – P20,000
November 27 – P30,000
December 4 – P40,000

In this increasingly digital era, it is now easier to get when you want, when and where you want it—a commitment foodpanda, the leading online food ordering marketplace, has made to hungry customers around the country. More and more Filipinos are placing their food delivery orders online; however, a common barrier remains for many of them: data access. Ordering food online requires users to go through several web pages before successfully checking out, and for prepaid subscribers, this means incurring data charges on top of their load balance or data package allocation.

Can you read the title 5x quickly? Haha! That's a tongue twister I came up with for the new app I will be introducing to you guys. The app obviously is called HotelQuickly and it's for booking hotels across Asia-Pacific. The app is free and can be downloaded from both iOS and Android phones. So you might ask... what's the difference from the other booking apps? Read on!

There's so many ways on how to check if the person is following you or not. There are heaps of free apps you can download but just like us, apps are not perfect. They can provide wrong information and the best way to check its accuracy is through other apps as well.

But for me, when I want to confirm if the person who keeps liking my photos is my follower, I run to Webstagram for help. I never fails to give me the right data ever since I started using it.

Blogging is not as easy as it looks. You have to work hard in producing good content, constantly promoting that content on different social media and of course, building reputation and relationship towards different brands. And the best way to start a relationship with brands would be an event that caters to both parties - the businesses and the bloggers: We're very glad there's Blogapalooza!

Do you belong to the young crop of the millennial generation? If yes, then you are part of the population's most stressed out individuals.

According to recent surveys, millennials - those aged between 18 to 33 - suffer from the highest stress level out of all the other current living generations. Work, money, and relationships were cited as the top three factors that make today's young movers and shakers quite unhappy about life. Not to mention the high expectations that society has put on their shoulders.

It's not all bad news for our hardworking millennial though. Albeit stressed out beyond what is considered as healthy, today's youth have been feeling less stressed than they were in 2007 with the trend going downward in recent years. The millennials' many new and de-stressing ways of living life to the fullest can be attributed to this positive light. Travelling, going on night outs, and trying new fun things are just some of the many activities that are keeping the stressed out bunch busy during the weekends. Simple things like taking smart breaks, meditating or drinking refreshing drinks can also ease the stress of the daily grind.

I don't know about you guys but for some reason, I'm more productive in cafes. I like doing my blogging duties and other To-Dos there. Cafes are like my working space and my comfort zone (literally). However, most of the well-known coffee shops here in Cavite became noisy and so crowded that I lost connection from them. The feeling became so ordinary that I'd rather spend my day at home, making my own 3-in-1 coffee.

For weeks (or even months), I've been envious of my friends who are Instagramming their moments in different coffee shops in QC. I've always wished how we, Caviteños, should also have those concept cafes nearby. And you know what, I'm so happy to know and announce that my wish has been granted! A book cafe is now open in The District Imus and it's called Buku Buku Cafe.

If you're managing a Facebook page for a client or even for yourself (your personal brand), you may wonder why Facebook says you have a new fan (like) but you can't seem to view who it is. Here's the best answer to that question:

• Your fans' settings are set private.

This is the common reason why page moderators don't see who have liked the Facebook page. Some users prefer to keep their activities in Facebook private by setting their privacy settings to "Only Me".

I went to an event the other day and because I got off the bus in Ayala Station, I had to pass Landmark to get A Space Manila. As I was walking pass the mall, I saw piles of notebooks and other stationery products near the entrance/exit. But because I was quite running late, I decided to look around after the film showing.

As soon as the film showing ended, I went to Landmark to check out the notebooks! There was that notebook I saw that never left my thoughts: that white small notebook with a cat on it! Haha! I'm such a cat lover and almost any merchandise that has a cat on it really appeals to me.
When you look for a place to hang out with friends, where do you go to? Nowadays, it's coffee shops, right? Gone are the days when group of friends hang out in fast food chains or 24/7 convenience stores. People are more drawn to cozy chill cafes with free wifi.
But we don't just go to any coffee shop we want; we go to one of the best in the area with enough space to hang out in. And the best I've gone to in Batangas City is Jovita Cafe.

This Oktoberfest, eat and drink like a Viking! Get unlimited draft beer and Japanese sake this October at Vikings Luxury Buffet, the Philippines’ largest and fastest growing chain of buffet restaurants. Only P688 for the regular weekday lunch buffet and P888 for the regular dinner and weekend & holiday lunch/dinner buffet.

Round up your barkada and loved ones to play the Vikings Train game, Vikings’ very own drink hack where beers are lined up with shots of sake placed on top. To a chorus of “sake bomb!” the player tips the first shot into the beer, which creates a domino effect. Diners can enjoy this game at half hour intervals, or create their own drink hacks such as mixing 7Up with their beer, turning it into shandy.

Yesterday, I had the chance to watch nine (9) short films at A Space Manila. This was a film showing fundraising for Direk Joel Ferrer to help him finish his film, Baka Siguro Yata (BSY). The film is an entry to the 2015 Cinema One Originals Film Festival.

As stated in their Facebook, "Baka Siguro Yata is a comedy drama which revolves around Carlo, a 29-year old unambitious graphic designer whose only passion is to play music with his co-unambitious long-time friends. After discovering that his girlfriend of 6 years is a lesbian, he seeks to find refuge on a one-night stand with a high school classmate named Melissa. However, Melissa gets pregnant which in turns everything in disarray. Melissa’s sister and her boyfriend mulls over their planned first sex but gets cold feet due to what happened to her sister. Carlo’s divorced parents, on the other hand, discreetly starts seeing each other as they rekindle their 20 year old relationship by having an affair and secret meetings while they cheat on their new partner. Baka Siguro Yata tells a story of love within three generations. It tells how each generation understand and perceive the idea of love."
Most of us are not too convinced with food delivery because we see additional costs and we easily forget how it's more convenient for us. We look at it as an expense rather than a benefit. Allow me to share with you some situations where this kind of service becomes really handy. And allow me to also introduce to you a convenient service that will turn those doubts about food delivery to interest.

I recently watched Brick Mansions via our cable provider and I honestly didn't know this was a film with Paul Walker in it. I think it was because this movie was overshadowed by his more popular movie series, Fast and Furious.

I really had no idea what the movie was about and I wanted to continue watching it simply because Paul's in it; yeah, you can call me a fan. Hehe.

After watching it, I checked the reviews of other websites or blogs and found how others were disappointed with this movie. It wasn't that disappointing for me because I enjoyed the movie but I think I get why others got disappointed.

Adult coloring pastime has been on for a couple of months now and in the beginning, I didn't want to go with the trend. Why? Simple because the first books that were sold costed more then Php500 (US$11+). I didn't find it practical.

But because I saw very affordable coloring books from Booksale Bookstore, I bought one to try. I enjoyed coloring and after finishing that book I bought from them, I wanted buy a new one. It was quite addictive! Unfortunately, when I went back, there were no more adult coloring books available and they don't know when they will restock.

I went to National Bookstore to check if there will be affordable adult coloring books but was told all books were transferred to their new location (at the other side of the mall). When I was on the way there, I passed store shelves with so many adult coloring books located within the SM Department store! Funny it may sound, I felt my eyes sparkled! Haha!

This is it! I have been officially nominated for #Bloggys2015. If you would like to support me. Read the instructions on the photo below and click that photo. It should take you to the link of the official voting page of Bloggys 2015.

Though my home is closer to Metro Manila compared to other provinces, it's still a hassle to go back and forth especially when you have consecutive events or special things to do there. I usually book a stay in a budget hotel when I go to Manila but thanks to Ana Gonzales for posting about Z Hostel! I now have a cheaper accommodation to stay in my next trip.

I honestly didn't know what to expect. It would be my first time to stay in a hostel and it would also be my first time to stay in a dorm type room. I actually had mixed emotions the day before my check-in. I was excited and worried; somehow, I was wishing I'd be alone in the all female (6pax) room. And though it came true, I regret wishing it. Why? Read on!

It's not just chocolate. It's

Yesterday, as I was spending my morning at Starbucks SM Dasma, they gave out free taste of their new beverage called the Duo Cocoa Mocha.

According to their website:

The new Duo Cocoa Mocha blends the smooth and velvety flavors of dark and white chocolate with the roasty sweetness of our signature espresso. This chocolate lover’s heaven is perfected with chocolate whipped cream, indulgent mocha drizzle and crunchy cocoa nibs.

Good news is in store for Quezon City — the newest foodie hotspot in town has opened its second branch at Manhattan Parkview, Araneta Center. The creators of Vikings Luxury Buffet and NIU by Vikings bring you Four Seasons Buffet and Hotpot. A restaurant that provides a customizable, fresh and healthy dining experience for celebrating special occasions, or for when you simply want to enjoy a top-notch meal.
Kick back and take in the ambiance as you enjoy one of the Philippines’ best buffets. Four Seasons Buffet and Hotpot has several impressive stations, and patrons can take their pick of their meat, seafood, vegetables, appetizers, desserts, Japanese and bar options. Indulge your imagination and make the dish of your dreams with their wide selection of broths, noodles, meat, toppings and sauces. The Cubao branch also offers a pasta station and a carving station.
Satchmi celebrated their special day with
free food, coffee, drinks, alcohol, music, and fun!

People were pouring from all directions for Satchmi’s Birthday! Photo © Shutter Panda Photography

September 26, 2015 — The Satchmi Store was packed to the brim for their 1st birthday. A celebration of Satchmi’s love for records, music, and the lifestyle they cultivate together with their community of friends and loyal customers.

It’s no surprise when we saw people pouring in from all directions to the store. When you step in, it’s as if you’re in another world separated from the mall itself. There was free food courtesy of Mr. Graham’s Sandwich Shop, their highly talked about Cebuano along with chips and dip filled everyone’s appetite throughout the event. In tandem was Mrs. Graham’s macarons straight from her cafe, specially made for the event complete with vinyl record designs and plating. Their Apple Pie Soda was also served during the party as well as Craftpoint’s Summer Sessions. All free aside from Satchmi’s esteemed third wave coffee.

It's been a year since the Satchmi Store opened its doors and they’re celebrating it the best way they know how: the ultimate birthday party happening! I’m so excited for September 26, but while we wait, here are a couple of things we hear you can expect at Satchmi’s Birthday Bash:

If you like steak but you're in a tight budget, no need to fret as Mati's Meat and Bread offers the best value for steaks at affordable prices.

Opened in October 2014, Mati's Meat and Bread is located at the new extension of Festival Mall which has a stunning view of River Park. The restaurant walls are made of clear glass giving it's diners a view of lush green landscaping.

Have you ever wanted to eat in a restaurant that serves good food but in a more casual setting? Let's be honest here, sometimes, all we want is just to enjoy the food and our family or friends' company. We want to just take a time off our busy lives and just chill.
Well, I'm happy to announce that's there a new restaurant and bar that would allow you to do such: none other than Salliano's Restaurant and Bar! They will open their home starting Sept 19, 2015 in the Shoe Capital of the Philippines, Marikina City.