LULU DK brings a jewelry and metallic element to the world of temporary tattoos

New York - The allure and appeal of both jewelry and tattoos are undoubtedly a vibrant and widespread presence in our culture. With the popularity of both seemingly different ornamentations, it only seemed right they should finally come together.

LULU DK is thrilled to introduce Lulu's Temporary Jewelry Tattoos! "I love jewelry but have always had problems with things clanging and getting in the way on my wrist," explains Lulu deKwiatkowski, the company's founder and creative director. "So when my sister came home with a gold tattoo that she found overseas, I jumped on it and decided to create on my own designs."

Who wouldn't visit a shop with this kind of store front, right? That's why when we were tasked to find a boutique to study visual merchandising, I quickly suggested Aeropostale.

Checking their items, I saw these wonderful scarves but when I checked their prices, I quickly returned it to their racks. A staff approached me and pointed to me their promo which is 2 for the price of 1 or better known as, buy 1 take 1.

Just a few minutes ago, after the Holy Mass lead by Pope Francis with the bishops, priests, and other consecrated person at the Manila Cathedral, I heard the song Tell the World of His Love.

Tell the World of His Love is a song composed by Trina Belamide for the 1995 World Youth Day. It was a Catholic youth festival that took place from January 10–15, 1995 in Manila, Philippines. It was the first time for an Asian country to host the event. Pope John Paul II presided over the event, marking his second trip to the country as Pope, the first being in 1981.

A few years ago, my friend Deanna introduced Amici to me. Amici is the home of authentic Italian pizzas, pastas, gelatos and more. You can check their Facebook page for their dishes.

My first Amici experience was in the Don Bosco, Makati branch with my friend who introduced this restaurant to me.

I'm no Taylor Swift fan but I really love four of her songs from her album entitled, 1989. I heard two (2) of the songs through the Victoria Secret's 2014 Fashion Show and two (2) while I was browsing through iTunes last night.

When I first heard her two (2) songs in the VS Fashion Show, I quickly searched Spotify so I could listen to it more but only then did I found out that all her songs were removed from Spotify. Know more about that issue here.

So my second option was to search through YouTube. Unfortunately, only Blank Space has music video. And most of the uploads of her songs in YouTube were either deleted or were turned to instrumental. I then realized, I just really have to buy her album.

I've been wanting to attend a weaving demonstration even before this particular Lao weaving demo. I wanted to attend the Tausug, T'nalak, T'boli and Caraga weaving demonstrations before but didn't get the chance to because of my busy schedule. So when I had the chance to drop by for the Lao weaving, I grabbed it.

I wanted to attend the lecture/morning program but because I was still coming from a far place, I just made sure to be on time for the weaving demo. I came around 1:30 pm in the National Museum and I was taking the elevator when a security guard asked me (and a NM staff) if we could wait for someone. I didn't expect to be in the same elevator with Sen. Loren Legarda.

If there's one thing I like about the movie Tragic Theater, it's the thought of the crucifix.

There was a part in the movie when Annie (Andi Eigenmann) realized that she have crucified herself through pain, hatred, revenge and all other negative thoughts and actions she's done. In order to get herself out of it, she had to learn how to forgive, put the past behind and move forward with life.

It's quite true. We crucify ourselves when we hold grudges... when we think of revenge rather than forgiveness... when we become selfish... when we do wrongdoings even though we are well aware that it's not right. We crucify ourselves when we deprive ourselves from happiness, love, mercy and freedom.

Realizing this made me think of the grudges I hold for people. That's why when I saw a church earlier, I took the time to ask guidance and forgiveness. I needed to reconnect to our Father... our Creator. I'm not the religious kind but I do take some time to pray when I get the chance to.

Hoping that day by day, I'll be able to forgive those who have hurt me as it's not something I could do overnight. I hope I'll get the strength to let go and forget the hatred I have in my heart now. I hope I'd learn to trust again and I hope that others, whom I had arguments or fights with, would forgive and trust me again too.

This year, I thrive to get the peace of mind I long deprived myself from. How about you? What do you thrive to give yourself this year?

I was able to eat in Glorietta Food Choices (food court) this week because I stayed in Manila. They offer sizzling rice pepper meals.

I first tried their Beef Pepper Rice. At first, I thought it was not enough for me but it really took me a while to finish this big plate. Just so you know, I ordered an extra corn so there's so many corn in my plate.

Late last year, the trailer of this movie became a trend because the MTRCB gave it a rating of X which means it won't be shown in public for publicity. So what the producers did was they published the trailer in Youtube since internet is not under the jurisdiction of MTRCB. Again, according to MTRCB, the trailer or movie is "too scary". Watch the trailer below and see for yourself...

Movie Review 

When I saw that this movie was being shown in the cinema I was in earlier, I didn't think twice. The trailer wasn't scary for me but it was intriguing. I was really waiting for this movie for I wanted to know a little more about the theater being featured in this movie.

I only found out now that this movie was based from the novel written by G.M. Coronel. If only I knew about this, maybe I wouldn't be so excited. I'd rather buy the book than watch it. Why? Read more below.

January 12, Monday, 9:00am (8:00am JKT/BKK)
Red-carpet starts 8:00am (7:00am JKT/BKK)
Primetime Encore 9:00pm

The American accolade bestowed by the 93 members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association recognizing excellence in film and television, both domestic and foreign. The 2015 ceremonies will be hosted by Golden Globe Award winners Tina Fey and Amy Poehler for the third year in a row.

Four-time Golden Globe Award-winner George Clooney will be honored with the 2015 Cecil B. DeMille Award. Chosen by the HFPA Board of Directors, the Cecil B. DeMille Award is given annually to the talented individuals who have made an incredible impact on the world of entertainment. Recent recipients include Woody Allen, Jodie Foster, Morgan Freeman and Robert De Niro among others.

I enjoyed the first Sunday of 2015 because I was able to get a new experience:

Color Manila Run 3!

It was my first fun run with Color Manila so it was my first time to see and experience the colorful powders being thrown to the runners/participants. It was more fun because I get to experience this with my best friend, Deanna.

Every year, it has become a habit of our family to celebrate our grandmother's birthday which also serves as our mini reunion.

Last month, December 2014, we celebrated my great grandmother's 92nd birthday; she's my Dad's grandmother. She resides in Calamba, Laguna so we spent her celebration there, in one of her daughter's houses. Before, we used to celebrate it in other locations or resorts but because she's already old, she can't really travel far anymore.

I've had troubles choosing which would be the right pocket WiFi for me. And I would like to share with you how I came up with a decision. It's a pretty simple thing if you come think of it.

How to know or check which WiFi would be the best for you?

One of the best way to know the performance of the pocket WiFi is THROUGH TRIAL

Because our network providers don’t offer trial plans or products, we can do it on our own through:

I'm no movie critic but I just would like to share my opinion about the movie that won the best picture for the MMFF 2014: 

Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo

"The revolution is not yet finished."
the Story

The story, of course, is about Andres Bonifacio, the Father of the Philippine Revolution. Nothing really new from the other facts we know about him from our history lessons and books but I guess, this movie just shows or justifies how he became or why he was called the first president of the Philippines.

But for foreign readers, let me tell you a little more about the story...

Because I wasn't able to do this the past year, I'm determined to accomplish this list now. This is the 101 in 1001 bucket list.

Basically, the challenge here is to come up with 101 things to do within 1001 days. So since its the start of the year, it would be great to begin this list... again.

Make yours too so you could achieve more things for this year and the next. I don't know about you guys but lists encourages me to do things; it actually helps me become productive.

So here's my list:

(click this link)

My friend invited me for the Color Manila Run 3 which will be on January 4, 2015 at BGC, Taguig City, Philippines. Though this might be a late post about the race, I'd like to share the details with you.