Amici's Lemon Butter Sole

Jan 15, 2015

A few years ago, my friend Deanna introduced Amici to me. Amici is the home of authentic Italian pizzas, pastas, gelatos and more. You can check their Facebook page for their dishes.

My first Amici experience was in the Don Bosco, Makati branch with my friend who introduced this restaurant to me.

I ordered Lemon Butter Sole and that has been my favorite ever since!

Lemon Butter Sole - Php 335 ($7.50)
Pan-seared sole fillet in butter and lemon sauce, served with rice pilaf

What I love about this dish:

The fish fillet is very tender and very flavorful which makes it a good combination with the rice pilaf. For some, the served rice is not enough for two (2) fish fillet but when I've finished my rice, I just eat the fish alone; I no longer order extra/additional rice because the taste of the fish is actually enjoyable to eat.

Since I'll be staying in Makati for some time now, I'll definitely try out the other dishes Amici offers. I just need to save up because their meals are quite pricey.

They have dessert too!

They sell gelato through Cara Mia Gelateria which was formally launched as a separate brand from Amici in May, 2009. I haven't tried their gelato but again, I'll definitely try these out soon!


What's your favorite Amici meal or Italian dish?

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