4 songs I love from the 1989 album

Jan 14, 2015

I'm no Taylor Swift fan but I really love four of her songs from her album entitled, 1989. I heard two (2) of the songs through the Victoria Secret's 2014 Fashion Show and two (2) while I was browsing through iTunes last night.

When I first heard her two (2) songs in the VS Fashion Show, I quickly searched Spotify so I could listen to it more but only then did I found out that all her songs were removed from Spotify. Know more about that issue here.

So my second option was to search through YouTube. Unfortunately, only Blank Space has music video. And most of the uploads of her songs in YouTube were either deleted or were turned to instrumental. I then realized, I just really have to buy her album.

I went to the record stores near me and each one of them said they ran out of her album. It made me want to own this album more knowing a lot have purchased it. Besides, the songs from this album are really quite interesting.

The four songs I personally like are the following:

1) Blank Space

2) Style

3) Wonderland
4) I Wish You Would

The above pictures had lyrics from the songs. I'm still finding the photos for the other songs and will update this as soon as I find them. I think these Polaroid photos are included in the album which made me really want to own one! Ughhh.

If you're wondering, I'm able to listen to the songs through iTunes. I bought these four songs for $2.76 ($0.69 each) which is roughly Php 124. 

Though I've purchased the songs, I'll still be buying her album so I have a physical record to keep. I think I'm becoming a Swiftie! Haha!


What's your favorite Taylor Swift song?
Or which of her song do you know?

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