Loving the Scarves of Aeropostale!

Jan 23, 2015

Who wouldn't visit a shop with this kind of store front, right? That's why when we were tasked to find a boutique to study visual merchandising, I quickly suggested Aeropostale.

Checking their items, I saw these wonderful scarves but when I checked their prices, I quickly returned it to their racks. A staff approached me and pointed to me their promo which is 2 for the price of 1 or better known as, buy 1 take 1.

Originally, the scarves costs Php 1,450 or roughly $33 each. I wouldn't buy a scarf for that cost but because of the promo of buying 2 for the price of 1, I got tricked again! I should have known better as a marketing graduate! Hahaha! So each turns out to cost about Php 725 or about $16.50. Not bad I guess because these are infinity scarves with a good and unique fabric. Something you won't seem from the local department stores.

My addiction to scarves when I first traveled to Singapore where I bought 9 pieces of scarves!

The scarves I bought from Aeropostale today are infinity scarves and I wondered how else to wear it. Thanks to Google, technology and internet... I found other ways to wear it.

Click the photo above to take you to Eva Chung's quick tutorial how to wear an infinity scarf. Can't wait to try them on and take photos! I'll definitely make a follow-up post showing my collection of scarves. Yay!

Though Philippines is a tropical country and wearing a scarf isn't that necessary, I still buy and wear them. They are very functional during the cold season and quite fashionable for during the summer. Do you agree?


What do you think of Aeropostale?
And what fashion item do you collect?

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