Color Manila Run 3: A Fun Experience Indeed

Jan 9, 2015


I enjoyed the first Sunday of 2015 because I was able to get a new experience:

Color Manila Run 3!

It was my first fun run with Color Manila so it was my first time to see and experience the colorful powders being thrown to the runners/participants. It was more fun because I get to experience this with my best friend, Deanna.


We took the 3k distance only because it's my first time and because we don't regularly jog or run, we didn't push ourselves too much. We just enjoyed every bit of that event.

Before the Event

My friend did all the registration online so I cannot fully detail how the registration was but we bought our tickets in SM North Edsa Ticketing Center (The Block). I paid mine using credit card and my friend paid in cash. After paying, that was when she, as far as I can remember, registered online. They run out of medium shirts so we went for the large size.

We got our kits on December 19, 2014 in BGC, near Runnr. When we got there, we didn't have problems claiming our kits however, I think some had problems for their sizes since the medium size race shirts weren't available that time.

Days before the event, we have been waiting for updates regarding the route map. I even emailed them asking for it but there was no response. They were only able to release the map a day before the event (almost evening). I have also checked their Facebook page and found out some didn't get their race kits. A lot have complained and no response was made by the organizers.

They were only able to respond/comment around a day before the event. I felt like it was very unorganized and quite unprofessional for the organizers to ignore the inquiries in their Facebook page. They wanted inquiries to be sent in email however, there were instances that emails sent to them didn't also get responses. 

Because there were no response, a lot of their Facebook fans doubted if the event will push through or not. Again, they were only able to  confirm/give update late in the afternoon, a day before the event.

During the Event


I didn't rush to meet the 5:30am assembly because our gun starts at 6:30am past. I thought they have started but when I arrived at the activity area, they just started.

There were baggage counters and changing rooms (thank the heavens!). They had booths for their merchandise, a photo booth for participants, hydration booths and booths for the claiming of medals and color packets.


Sam YG was one of the hosts (sorry I forgot the names of the other two) and a DJ on stage too (sorry forgot his name too!). After some opening remarks, the race started. First gun start was for the 10k where Karylle, Yael and their friends joined, followed by the 5k and then our category, 3k.
After a few jogs from the starting line, a fire hose kind greeted us with water! Some runners avoided it but my friend and I passed through. My friend have already oriented me, before the event, that we needed to get wet for the powder to stick. 


As mentioned above, what makes this race fun is the colors. The first color was blue, then green, followed by orange and lastly pink. The yellow color was only available for the 5k and 10k runners (boo hoo!). 

It was really funny when you're trying to really get the colored powder stick on your shirt or skin. Some, including myself, grabbed the powders on the street floor to put on our shirts.


Because the last color for the 3k runners was the color pink, a lot have stayed and took pictures there. I thank my friend for capturing this very cute photo for me.


After the race, there were dance contest held in the stage while waiting for other runners to finish their categories. We gathered in the middle of the activity area for the color festival.

What's the colorful festival?


Let these videos speak of it.

A video posted by Miko Santos (@mikorobyo) on

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After the Event

Since there are changing rooms available, we were able to change clothes before leaving the activity area. While we were walking away from the activity area, a male participant approached us and asked us where we were able to take a bath. It made us laugh. Well, special thanks to wet wipes! We used wet wipes to remove the colored powder stains on our face and body so we look fresh than the others. Haha!

The event finished around 9 in the morning so most of the restaurant or fast food in BGC were still closed. We were able to find one open, Pancake House, but had to wait for a couple of minutes (or hours) because it was full packed!

Overall Experience






I definitely enjoyed this event. Though there were some problems with the updates and all that, the event was still successful. I just hope that the organizers have learned what went wrong to avoid these troubles again so no participant would feel disappointed.

If you're a runner and you're after a good run, I don't think this kind of race is for you because it's hard to run when there's so much crowd.


If you're planning to join their event or an event similar to this one, here are some of the tips my friend shared with me that I want to share with you too:

1) Bring wet wipes and an extra shirt (not a white shirt!)
Wet wipes are a big help for you to take out those powders on your skin especially on your face. I suggest you buy the large size one so you can also share it with friends or other participants; a good way to make friends! Do not bring a white shirt as your change shirt because you can't really, totally rub off all the colored powder on your body (especially those on the back) so to avoid stains, please bring something else rather than a white shirt.

2) Do not bring your towel during the race
I know you want to dry those sweat but because this race includes colored powder throwing, your towel will be covered with it.

3) Prepare your gadgets ahead of time
This is something I wasn't able to prepare so I had a low battery and low memory to take more photos and videos.

4) Be on time and warm up
Though you're not a regular runner, you must warm up well before the gun start to avoid body pain during the race. So it's a must that you come on time to prepare yourself.

5) Check which dinners are open early in the morning around the area of your race
Of course you wouldn't go to the race with a full stomach, right? You will be hungry and tired after the race so it's better to know which restaurant or fast food is open near the event area that you can dine in to save yourself from another tiring walk/haunt.

I'm happy to start my year this way. This run encouraged me to do it daily; not a preparation for another race but because I do want to start a healthy living.


What do you think of this run?

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