A new look of temporary tattoos!

Jan 29, 2015

LULU DK brings a jewelry and metallic element to the world of temporary tattoos

New York - The allure and appeal of both jewelry and tattoos are undoubtedly a vibrant and widespread presence in our culture. With the popularity of both seemingly different ornamentations, it only seemed right they should finally come together.

LULU DK is thrilled to introduce Lulu's Temporary Jewelry Tattoos! "I love jewelry but have always had problems with things clanging and getting in the way on my wrist," explains Lulu deKwiatkowski, the company's founder and creative director. "So when my sister came home with a gold tattoo that she found overseas, I jumped on it and decided to create on my own designs."

With a specific direction to embody jewelry, deKwiatkowski applied the artistic hand for which she is known to this latest endeavor, creating a line of intricate, painterly jewelry tattoos. The metallic gold, silver and colored designs come in a wide array of styles and tastes, including classic bracelets, feminine florals, edgy geometrics and flowing scripted words. "I love, love, love how gold and silver make your body shimmer and lighten up - and these tattoos do that beautifully," exclaims deKwiatkowski. Lasting about four (4) to six (6) days, in and out of the water, they are also the perfect addition for the summer swimsuit months.

Lulu's Temporary Jewelry Tattoos are available for purchase in the Philippines from CommonThread Power Plant Mall and Greenbelt 5, Aura Athletica Power Plant Mall and High Street BGC, All Flip-flops Boracay, Olivia Store Bacolod and Martish Davao. Price per packet (with 2 sheets) starts at Php 1,200/packet. Each sheet averages 6-8 tattoos depending on how you use them, so in turn, you get about 18-20 designs in each packet. The tattoos last for about 4-7 days and can be applied very easily with water.

For more information, contact their exclusive Philippines Distributor, MARTY + MIRANDA. Please email sey@martymiranda.com or contact 0917.814.6681.

LULU DK was launched in 1998 with a clear mission - to merge the artistry and craftmanship of the old world with the youthful modernity of the new. Lulu's signature style of bold, generous use of color and whimsical, hand-drown designs is infused in every aspect of her work, carving out a unique, distinct, and recognizable niche in the industry. Since its inception as a textile company, the brand has expanded to include the lifestyle shop located at luludk.com and collaborations with luxury bed linen company Matouk, Elson and Company Carpets, and Elite Leather.
For more information on LuluDk lifestyle products visit www.luludk.com

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