Nanay's 92nd Birthday + Banta Family's Mini Reunion

Jan 9, 2015

Every year, it has become a habit of our family to celebrate our grandmother's birthday which also serves as our mini reunion.

Last month, December 2014, we celebrated my great grandmother's 92nd birthday; she's my Dad's grandmother. She resides in Calamba, Laguna so we spent her celebration there, in one of her daughter's houses. Before, we used to celebrate it in other locations or resorts but because she's already old, she can't really travel far anymore.

I spent the night in my grandmother's (her daughter, Tita Ida) house. We decorated their place and prepared for the celebration.

The next day, my great grandmother came early and while she was sitting down, she asked me... "Where's everybody?" It brought tears to my eyes because she's really looking for everyone. She don't remember our names and she can hardly see us, but she wants everyone there for her.

Almost an hour after our conversation, other family members came one by one. We saw how happy she was when each one came to her to mano. After all the pagmamano, we sang her the happy birthday song and made her blow the candles on her cake. Because of her age, it took her some time to blow them.

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My great grandmother's birthday is really on December 19th but we always celebrate it on the 30th of that month because that's the only day everyone is available. That day (Dec30), too, is actually my cousin's (Ishie) birthday! Double celebration.

Would you believe that Ishie (in the middle) is much younger than me and Marea (left)? Annoying fact actually! Haha! Why did she grow up that big?!

Here's a selfie with my aunt, Badeth. Yes! She's already my aunt when you look at our family tree but I'm much older than her and even her older brother, BJ. Haha!

We didn't have games prepared so we were just telling the kids what to do. Actually, we were just outside waiting for the pamasko or aguinaldo.

As mentioned earlier, since my great grandmother is already having a hard time remembering or identifying who is in front of her (she can only recognize through voice and memories), my grandfather hosted a game which is to ask Nanay Unta (my great grandmother) to identify who you area (she must say your name) and just after a few minutes, this was the scenario. Haha! Her headaches and she was stressed out from the questions. Everyone was trying to win because the prize was a cash! Haha!

After this game, we took photos with her. It has become our habit to take photos of her before leaving. 

A photo with her daughters and sons 

A wacky photo of her children with their life partners. My grandfather (in blue) didn't have a partner because my grandma Belen have passed away years ago.

The selfie with her grand children and great grand children

I, being the ever so annoying great granddaughter, we had another picture where I make her pose silly. Haha! The past year, I asked her to do the rocker sign! Haha.

Before she left the place, I asked her if she enjoyed her celebration and her answer made me cry... "Masaya ako kasi nagkasama-sama na naman tayo. Yun ang mahalaga, ang magkita-kita ulit tayong lahat at magenjoy. Next year ulit ha." (I'm happy because we were all together again. That's what's important; to see each other again and enjoy each other's company. Let's have another one next year.)

Spending the holiday season with your family is really fulfilling, isn't it?


This is how I spent the second last day of year 2014. How did you spend yours?

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