We Crucify Ourselves When...

Jan 13, 2015

If there's one thing I like about the movie Tragic Theater, it's the thought of the crucifix.

There was a part in the movie when Annie (Andi Eigenmann) realized that she have crucified herself through pain, hatred, revenge and all other negative thoughts and actions she's done. In order to get herself out of it, she had to learn how to forgive, put the past behind and move forward with life.

It's quite true. We crucify ourselves when we hold grudges... when we think of revenge rather than forgiveness... when we become selfish... when we do wrongdoings even though we are well aware that it's not right. We crucify ourselves when we deprive ourselves from happiness, love, mercy and freedom.

Realizing this made me think of the grudges I hold for people. That's why when I saw a church earlier, I took the time to ask guidance and forgiveness. I needed to reconnect to our Father... our Creator. I'm not the religious kind but I do take some time to pray when I get the chance to.

Hoping that day by day, I'll be able to forgive those who have hurt me as it's not something I could do overnight. I hope I'll get the strength to let go and forget the hatred I have in my heart now. I hope I'd learn to trust again and I hope that others, whom I had arguments or fights with, would forgive and trust me again too.

This year, I thrive to get the peace of mind I long deprived myself from. How about you? What do you thrive to give yourself this year?

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