What did I learn from SoFA?

Mar 31, 2015

Hello! Sorry for being inactive the past months. I have been very busy with school, my online shop and other jobs. Now that I'm done with my course with SoFA Design Institute, I can go back to blogging! Yay!

This is the summary of my experience and learning with my course (Certificate in Fashion Marketing) with SoFA.

  • If you have taken up marketing as a course before or at least studied a business course, this subject would be just a refresher for you.
  • The best part though of this subject is doing the projects. We've done a lot more complicated ones back in DLSU-D but what's fun is we were more focused on fashion.
  • I get to understand some of the details in a fashion industry such as the types of promotions they use and why some companies do not use them.
  • I was also given an introduction to fashion brands in this subject. For someone who lives in the province, I didn't know some of the foreign brands but now, I know most of them.

  • I learned a lot from this - from designing, sewing and evaluation.
  • We were thought of the core process of a product development so we can appreciate a product more - why it is priced as such, etc.
  • I was able to learn how to do trend research and learned how important it is for a fashion business.
  • I learned that textile or clothing tech course is important to take too.
  • We were also able to go to fabric house/factory to see the actual process. Ms. Jasmin (owner) was very accommodating and full of wisdom. We love her! Her factory does the garments for some of the known brands here in the Philippines.
  • We had to memorize or at least familiarize ourselves with the different garment names (see my post about it here). It was a head ache actually but I know it's gonna be a big help in the future.
  • We were asked to watch Coco Channel movie and the Scatter my Ashes at Bergdof's which were very inspiring! You should watch it too!


  • I also learned a lot from this subject especially the responsibilities of a buyer.
  • Though I know some of the computations through my online shop, it was still helpful to know how to compute them through excel.
  • Though there were times I cursed the computation parts of this subject, I was very happy to know how markdowns work, etc.
  • I really love the merchandising calendar topic too!

So far, these are the things I can think off but I'll definitely update this when I remember some of the things I've learned. Sorry, I'm kinda not feeling well right now.

If you were to ask me, was it worth it? Yes. Though I knew some of the things taught to us, I still learned new things and that's what is important, right?

There are new courses this coming school year and they have wonderful summer courses as well! You should visit the website here for more information.

Did you miss me? Hehe!

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