Good Friday Reflection

Apr 4, 2015

Just like Jesus Christ, I feel like I'm also crucified because of the things I've done in the past that I never really had the courage to face and solve. I'm haunted every night how my life sucks and what an ill person I've become because I've hurt, betrayed and cursed people.

I've been selfish in so many ways - conscious and subconsciously - to myself and to others. I've deprived myself from a lot of things, most especially, peace of mind. I've held grudges because I want to make a stand... I want to prove something without thinking how much damage it creates not to the person I have a grudge with, but to myself.

Today, as I listen to the different reflections for the 7 Words of Jesus on the Cross, I realized it is time to lower my pride, admit my mistakes, forgive myself so I can start to ask forgiveness from others. It is also time to put the past behind and leave it there.

As Candy Pangilinan shared earlier, we have to let go. Give ourselves some freedom... some peace of mind. We cannot live fully if we have some baggage from the past. What we are, we feel, we do today will be the same as tomorrow unless we act on it and make a change.

From this reflection/realization, I will start admitting my mistakes and will seek forgiveness. For anger, pride, hatred, and other negative things does nothing but nail me deeper from my cross. It's about time to slowly free myself. It's time live.

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