Jagabee Potato Fries: Love it!

Apr 2, 2015

I found out about this snack from my good friend, Juie. We were at Family Mart (Jupiter St.) when she asked me to taste it. It has some Japanese writing on it so I was hesitant at first but she convinced me to try it and ever since, I started to crave for this.
As of this writing, I searched more about the product and turns out it is a Japanese snack by Calbee Inc. They are the leading snack brand in Japan and came to Philippines in partnership with Universal Robina Corporation.
In the beginning, this was only available in Family Marts and a few days after I found out about this snack, it became available in other convenience stores like 7-Eleven with an SRP of Php39.

I first tasted the Classic Salted Potato Fries; that's what I got addicted in. I just bought the other flavors - Garlic & Cheese - and I still have to try them out.
I'll just make separate post for the other two-flavors as I'm controlling my intake of junk foods.


I really love this flavor though I cannot really distinguish what makes it different from other snacks. It just has this crispy and salty taste, but not too salty, so you will definitely enjoy the potato fries without feeling sated.
For me, the content of a pack is enough; I think their packs are for individuals only. I'm just not sure if they have packs for group/sharing.
Well, definitely, it's quite pricey for a junk food but it's like an imported snack so price is quite reasonable. Besides, you wouldn't buy this every day unless of course, you're too addicted to it.
Will I buy it again? Of course! This is a snack I would love to keep in my bag to keep me company in my travels/meetings. So head to the nearest convenience store and look for this! Just try it out.

Have you heard or tried this?

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