According to their website
"Stella is a thinking woman's magazine from the Pacific Islands. The magazine celebrates the indigenous voice of Pacific Islanders covering fashion, health, travel, arts, and life across our region. Following publishing trends from across the globe, Stella shares uplifting stories from our Pacific sisters and brothers across the region in all walks of life. We aim to challenge the stereotypes and share good ideas."

Growing up in PNG

Unlike other countries, PNG didn't have a good magazine back then. What we had at home were the daily newspaper copies. Or if we had a magazine that speaks about PNG or the Pacifican Islands, it was the Air Niugini magazine. We take those magazines home (to Philippines) so we can display it in our house and show it to our visitors. It's our way of introducing the country we lived almost half our lives in.

I'm the kind of girl who loves to travel alone. Walking and exploring the streets of my province and even the streets of Manila has become my hobby and satisfaction. It somehow gives me the complete feeling of freedom. I feel like I'm Lion, set free to the city to showcase my strengths and powers.

Sinong nagsabi na walang forever? (Who said there's no forever)

According to Miriam, STUPID IS FOREVER!

Miriam Defensor Santiago is one of our country's Senators and is known for her intelligence, straight-to-the-point opinions and speeches, brave criticisms, and recently, her banat lines (cheesy/joke lines). Through her humor, she was able to capture the attention and support of the youth. 
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I just would like to blog about my bad experience with PLDT Home Bro Ultera Plan. Below is my personal experience with them. On the comments section, you'd find the experiences of other users. Please do share this too so others can be aware.

Earlier tonight, I came across a post in Blogapalooza Bloggers Facebook group inviting bloggers to check out CARA Welfare Philippines' new clinic in Mandaluyong. I visited the link that goes with the post and arrived at CARA's website.

There is an upcoming medical mission in Batangas. ​​This event is under Sharing's Community Health and Nutrition Program.

About Sagip Kalusugan

According to them...

"We understand that poverty and health are inextricably interlinked. Poverty forces people to live in environments that make them sick. Poverty prevents people from seeking treatment due to their inability to live in environments that make them sick. Poverty prevents people from seeking treatment due to their inability to pay for it or lack of access to health services.

I was just going through my emails the other day (something I don't normally do) and found an email from BDJ inviting me for their #BeautyBootcamp.

Never heard of a beauty bootcamp and I have no idea what happens there so I took some time to go to their site to find out more about it. You can click here to check it too!

It was never easy growing up. We have to go through physical changes during adolescence, deal with different personalities and attitudes of people we meet, find solutions to our life problems and so on. Do you remember asking yourself how you'll survive it? Do you remember how you survived it? Bianca does. That's why she wrote a book to share her experiences and whatever she learned along the way, hoping she'd be able to help and inspire other girls to hang on and live on.

We were very fortunate to have had the chance to eat dinner with the one-and-only, Spiderman! It was such an honor! Haha! Kidding!

If you've been to Mall of Asia (seaside area), especially those walking to Vikings, you may have passed King Kong's enormous face on the side walk. We'll, he's not the only movie star you'll see in this cafe. 

Truth is, we had the opportunity to dine-in with a lot of Movie Stars! There were the Princesses, the Superheroes, the Robots and even the Killers! I was pertaining to Chucky and this guy from the Chainsaw Massacre. Haha!

MANILA — You think summer is over? Think again.

One would definitely needs an all-out party to cap off this year’s summer vibe and one of the leading skin care company gives you just as you wish.

Beauty Elements Venture Inc. (BEVi), maker of top skin care brand Kojie.san, brings you "The Hangover”—the hottest and wildest summer ender party to hit Manila this year.

"Just when they think summer is already over, Kojie.san sun block brings you “The Hangover” party that will satisfy that lingering thirst to end your summer,” Kojie.san Brand Manager Rachelreilyne Soriano said.

I love reading and through my giveaways, I hope I get to encourage giveaway participants and winners to read books and/or whatever material is available for reading (ex: blogs, newspaper, etc)

My first book giveaway would be the Besties Book. Read my review about this book here.

Not only do I encourage participants to read, through this giveaway, I encourage them to share some love to a dear friend. I will be giving away two (2) Besties book.

I have been addicted to this Asia's/America's Next Top Model shows! I'm such a frustrated model! Haha! Kidding aside, it is this cycle of Asia's Next Top Model that I've been more connected with. Probably because two of our own pride, Joey Mead-King & Georgina Wilson, are judges/mentors plus we (Philippines) has three (3) contestants namely Monica, Amanda & Franchesca.

I've been hooked since they started airing in Star World Asia every Wednesday, at 8:45 PM. As of writing, they are on their 9th episode (airing tonight), 20th of May.

You can check Wikipedia for the complete summary of each episode but allow me to share the photo shoots of every episode here:

Warning: Full of Photos
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Have you ever felt the same? I'm sure you have. It gets really annoying at how judgmental people have become nowadays. It is as if they know very well what you've been, you are and you are about to go through.

If it has been hard for us, ordinary people, what more is it for known personalities? Could you imagine the emotional baggage they carry every day?

Well, a new book entitled Besties by Solenn Heussaff and Georgina Wilson talks about how TV personalities are just like us. They go through the same experiences like we do. They're also human for crying out loud! They're not perfect and they're also not robots; they have feelings too!

Summer is about to end and everyone will for sure miss the heat when the rainy seasons kick in. But thanks to Bench's new scent, Isla Paloma, I can continue to feel the summer vibes when I use it.

This scent was created by Monica Urquijo, daughter of Bea Zobel Jr. and the late Spaniard Juan Urquijo. Monica is a 19-year-old media and communications student at the University of London’s Goldsmiths and now the new face of Bench's scent.

Being a frequent traveler from Cavite to Batangas through the Tagaytay Road, I can't help but notice this what seemed to be a small bakery. Because either the car park was full or a lot of vehicles going in and out of the parking lot. I've always wondered what was so special about this bakery/coffee shop.

Who could have thought that beyond this is a spacious, cozy, native restaurant? There were a lot of tables and chairs at the back where I think the buffet is located which was closed when we went there.

I'm happy to share to you that I'm finally a member of the leading membership shopping center in the Philippines! I recently signed up for S&R Membership Shopping, Cavite branch located in Barangay Anabu 1-D, Aguinaldo Highway, Imus.

Straight from our S&R shopping, we had to go to SM Dasmariñas to purchase a genset. It was a very hot day yesterday and I terribly needed a refreshment.

As soon as we got to the mall, we headed to the hardware store. I knew they would be busy shopping whatever is needed for the genset, I told my mom I'll look for a place to stay. I actually planned to stay in Cobo but it was at the other end of the mall. That's why I was super happy to find Khay's Dessert and Cafe just right in front of Ace Hardware (ground floor of SM Dasma).

Last month, my mom wanted to go to this art gallery in Cubao. She's been mentioning it even before they got here in the Philippines for their yearly holiday. She said she heard about it through a tv show.

Before heading to the studio, she called  to confirm some details like what to wear, whether there's a time schedule for visits, etc. The person who answered said they prefer visitors to wear slippers as you will have to remove your footwear to enter the gallery so the arts won't be damaged. We also asked for a landmark and did you know, it was just located at the back of the known Cubao Expo.

Our mother's gave us a lot of things starting from when she conceived us up to this day. Mothers are selfless in many ways and to return that love and care, we should make them feel special this coming Sunday.

Here's some of my tips on how to make your mother extra special without going over your budget: