Amazing Art in Cubao

May 14, 2015

Last month, my mom wanted to go to this art gallery in Cubao. She's been mentioning it even before they got here in the Philippines for their yearly holiday. She said she heard about it through a tv show.

Before heading to the studio, she called  to confirm some details like what to wear, whether there's a time schedule for visits, etc. The person who answered said they prefer visitors to wear slippers as you will have to remove your footwear to enter the gallery so the arts won't be damaged. We also asked for a landmark and did you know, it was just located at the back of the known Cubao Expo.

They have a booth for shoes. All footwear should be deposited; you can also leave your bags if you want. Just make sure you bring your valuables with you.

In the beginning, as you enter, you would see these illusions and might ask yourself, "Is this it?"


But don't worry! After that hallway, you will be overwhelmed by the other arts!

We spent quite a lot of time for this particular art because it was just so cool and was so big. It almost consumed two walls of the room!

Not sure what they used for the floors and arts but it was so awesome! We really thought this was water! Haha!

There was no time limit so you can shoot all you want inside. They encourage visitors to really interact with the art. Bring with you a lot of patience and energy because you're gonna need a lot of that inside.

The gallery was big and very spacious. There were arts on every part of the building. I just can't imagine all the creativity the people behind this Art in Island had to be able build something like this; something very fascinating.

If you think this kind of gallery is just for kids or for the younger generation, you're wrong! Look at how my parents enjoyed it and how I personally saw other people older than my parents had fun with the arts too!


While there are some arts there we find are good for just photography; we felt that these arts no longer need people interaction because they are fascinating just the way they are.

On the second floor, there's this spacious simple cafe where you can rest for a while. I tell you, it will be tiring (but fun!) so you will really need this spot to rest. I just didn't get to take a look at their menu because we just had a peak inside. We didn't stayed for long in this area.

One of the many things I love about this gallery is its consistency. Even on their furniture, they used art! As you can see from the above photo (left), they used the paint containers (probably the ones they used) as the base of their tables! Isn't that a smart way to recycle too?

Before you hit the exit, you will find another spacious cafeteria (right photo) where you can take some rest, get some refreshers before claiming your deposited footwear. And just beside the claiming area, you will find photos of the great people behind this art gallery (green photo below). Most of them are Koreans.

This place is great for a family bonding! It was fun posing around these amazing arts while enjoying the company of your loved ones.

Just a few tips:
  • Charge your phones & cameras well.
  • Make sure you have enough memory to store your photos.
  • Look for the camera sticker on the floor; its a guide where you should be taking the photo (angle) from.
  • Look for the photo guides to know how the art will look like in the picture so you would know how to pose. Because you won't really appreciate it when it's on the floors and walls; you will see its beauty when it's caught on cam.
  • If you have kids with you, and they are wearing socks, I suggest you tell them to just take it off. The floors are quite slippery for those kids wearing socks and who runs around.
  • Do not wear black! Some arts have dark colors and if you're wearing something dark, you will be hardly seen
  • Wear something bright like yellow, red or better yet, white.
  • Don't forget to be considerate of other visitors. Give chance to them too.
  • ENJOY!

Thanks for reading through! I hope you enjoyed my virtual tour of this wonderful art gallery. Among the arts I've presented, which one do you like best?

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