Master Your Own Beauty with BDJ Box’s Beauty Bootcamp!

May 23, 2015

I was just going through my emails the other day (something I don't normally do) and found an email from BDJ inviting me for their #BeautyBootcamp.

Never heard of a beauty bootcamp and I have no idea what happens there so I took some time to go to their site to find out more about it. You can click here to check it too!

After finding out what this invitation was about or what the event will be, I immediately checked the workshops available. These are the workshops happening on the June 7, 2015 at The Blue Leaf Filipinas (near City of Dreams):

From all these, I was able to book for the following:
  1. Skin Hydration Techniques w/ Neutrogena at 11:45am
  2. Confidence is the New Sexy w/ Strip and Browhaus at 1:30pm
  3. Perfect Base, Flawless Face w/ L'oreal Paris at 3:15pm
I honestly didn't have a specific course in mind. I just want to be there, experience the bootcamp, make friends and just enjoy the event. I didn't want to go there for just the beauty fair. I wanted to go home with a new knowledge about something I'm either interested or familiar with. That's how I was able to choose which courses to avail.

Let me tell you how the process goes.


You have to choose from the two (2) packages:
  1. *Package 1 (Php 500) - 3 courses/workshops
  2. *Package 2 (Php 750) - 5 courses/workshops
Go to the packages' respective links and choose the workshops there. Don't be surprised you if can't see the other courses in the choices. It simply means that the course you're looking for is either full or the slots for it are currently reserved. Make sure that the courses you choose have different time slots!

After choosing, you just have to click "Add to cart". Once you've clicked it, go to your cart and proceed to checkout. You will just have to fill up/follow the instructions from there.


They accept payments via Paypal or via Dragonpay. I chose Dragonpay which gives me different payment options such as bank deposits, online fund transfer, etc. I chose Chinabank bank deposit because from the choices, it was the only option that didn't mention any bank/service fees (who wants to pay additional fees, right?) but unfortunately, I think they just forgot to put it there. I was charged Php50 upon payment.

What I like about the Dragonpay is that there's so many options to choose from! It's a very convenient tool for customers. They will be providing you instructions on how to pay, what to put in the deposit/bill slips, etc. I suggest you print that out so you can have a good reference with you when you go out to settle payment.


After payment, you have to have it verified asap through the site provided. Remember, it's a first payment, first serve basis! It was an easy verification because all you have to do is input the details found in the receipt (at least for bank deposits, etc).

As for me, I was only asked for a transaction id, the date and time and the price. It took me some time because of poor internet connection but after a while, I saw a note that says my payment has been verified.

Honestly, I just hope this system works perfectly fine all throughout because I'd prefer this kind of verification than through email because usually, it takes some time before they get to verify it and/or there are human errors like overlooking the emails.


If you're a Bella, you should come also and enjoy with me! Follow their updates about this bootcamp in their Facebook event page. Click here to take you there.

I'm excited for this #BeautyBootcamp! I'm looking forward to see other bloggers and make friends with them. I'm also looking forward the beauty brand sale! I need to start saving up now so I have something to spend! Haha!


Are you going?
Let me know if you are!

See you Bellas!


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