Besties Book by Solenn & Georgina

May 19, 2015

Have you ever felt the same? I'm sure you have. It gets really annoying at how judgmental people have become nowadays. It is as if they know very well what you've been, you are and you are about to go through.

If it has been hard for us, ordinary people, what more is it for known personalities? Could you imagine the emotional baggage they carry every day?

Well, a new book entitled Besties by Solenn Heussaff and Georgina Wilson talks about how TV personalities are just like us. They go through the same experiences like we do. They're also human for crying out loud! They're not perfect and they're also not robots; they have feelings too!

The Book, according to them:

"We made this book for anyone who looks at her life and hates it because of what she sees around her - her peers, her environment, the media. This is us telling her, hey, we've been there. We've been dumped. We've had horrible relationships. We've been bullied. We've been humbled. We've had our highs and lows. We go through the normal girl shit. We want you to feel like you've sat down and had coffee with us and gotten to know us better in a real way."

The Book, according to me:

This book is similar to Bianca Gonzalez-Intal's Paano Ba 'Toh? book. Unlike Bianca's book where other known personalities gave their fair share of experiences, this Besties book focused on the experiences of the two authors. Though they have invited Solenn's brother, Erwan, to write about food and diet, the other parts of the book are all about Solenn and Georgina experiences, tips and knowledge.

It's just admiring at how honest they were in this book. The prologue was accurate. It did feel like I had an afternoon coffee with them where I've known them better.

A peek of my favorite parts:

I really admire these parts of the book. They weren't afraid to share their flaws! It simply tells us that they're not as perfect as they seem to be in TV or in print ads. They're just like us! They just needed to look good because they have a job to fulfill but behind the camera, they love the flaws that makes them who they are. That, I guess, is the message they want to come across to its female readers.

I love this part a lot especially the contouring tips! I really have no idea how makeups are applied so this chapter is a great help for me. The instructions/tips are simple, basic and straightforward.

Solenn and Georgina are always asked how they maintain a good body and through these pages and chapters, they answered that question. They shared tips about diets and workout routines.

Just like the other books I read, I always look for the chapters regarding finances and travel. For college students or fresh graduates who may not be so familiar with budgeting yet, this book gives you an idea of how to use your resources wisely.

They shared many photos of them together and this is my favorite because it shows us that just like us, they are normal girls with crazy personalities bonded by a wonderful friendship.


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Good news!

If you're a foreigner who wants to know more about this gorgeous girls or just want to read the book, you can avail this because it's in English! And this book retails at Php195 (roughly $4.38) only! It's also a great gift item for a friend or sister. Head to the bookstore near you and find this book already!


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