Boarding Fur a Cause by CARA Welfare Philippines

May 24, 2015

Earlier tonight, I came across a post in Blogapalooza Bloggers Facebook group inviting bloggers to check out CARA Welfare Philippines' new clinic in Mandaluyong. I visited the link that goes with the post and arrived at CARA's website.

As I mentioned before and through my Twitter account, I'm really making this volunteering happen. So I searched how to join their team and quickly completed the application form. I'm hoping to get approved.

Anyway, as I was scrolling through their website, I came across a blog post talking about animal boarding. It's so witty for them to call it Boarding Fur a Cause.

I only knew about animal boarding just last month because my parents had to leave for holidays and they cannot leave the cat that they have started to foster. So they searched for people to take care of him but most didn't like cats. Luckily, they found about RSPCA's animal boarding. The cat was left for 5 weeks in their care while my parents were here in the Philippines for their yearly holiday.

Just to share with you, here's some of the photos sent by the vet to update my mom:

These photos were taken at RSPCA's facility. Looks like he's really having a great vacation in there.

Back to Boarding Fur a Cause

This is a great service/program CARA is offering to animal lovers. Owners no longer have to worry where or to whom they have to leave their pets with as they either go for work-related trips or even family vacations. The animals are 100% sure well taken care of.

If I were to suggest something, I'd suggest this idea to entrepreneurs. Instead of putting up pet shops and selling animals, why not offer this kind of service instead? Not only will they help owners, they're also helping the animal population by not selling animals and breeding more.

Information about this service is already stated in the photo above. But for more info or to book a slot, please do not hesitate to call them on their landline at 532-3340.

Please do share this with your friends. Check and learn CARA Welfare Philippines' philosophy and join the volunteer team too!

Are you an animal lover too?
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