Khay's Desserts and Cafe in SM Dasmariñas

May 15, 2015

Straight from our S&R shopping, we had to go to SM Dasmariñas to purchase a genset. It was a very hot day yesterday and I terribly needed a refreshment.

As soon as we got to the mall, we headed to the hardware store. I knew they would be busy shopping whatever is needed for the genset, I told my mom I'll look for a place to stay. I actually planned to stay in Cobo but it was at the other end of the mall. That's why I was super happy to find Khay's Dessert and Cafe just right in front of Ace Hardware (ground floor of SM Dasma).

How I wish they were located somewhere else where mall shoppers will see them; a cafe this cute should always be seen! You wouldn't really know this cafe existed firstly because it's located at the back/below the escalator and secondly, not everyone passes this location unless you have parked your vehicle at the back of the mall. Despite that and despite that this is located in the middle of this floor area, the ambiance was kept simple but cute.

They didn't have much cupcakes left but they have a good variety of flavors! Just like everyone else, I'm a fan of red velvet so I ordered a red velvet brownies, red velvet cupcake and a strawberry passion iced tea. Unfortunately, after placing my order, the staff told me it's no longer available. She suggested that I try their passion fruit iced tea.

Aside from the cupcakes and brownies, they also accept made-to-order cakes and bulk orders for parties, etc.

The red velvet cupcake & brownies were made just right; not too sweet and not too bitter as well. However, I just find their frosting way too sweet and I dislike the fact that I can really feel the texture of the frosting; something I don't feel from other cupcakes.

As for the passion fruit iced tea, it was my first time to drink a passion fruit and I loved it. It was a good choice of refreshment. I'm honestly not good at describing tastes but I know for sure that this drink was made perfectly. I'll definitely be ordering this from time to time.

I saw from their Facebook page that they have a bigger branch in The District, Ayala Mall in Daang Hari. The interiors and ambiance are the same as the one in SM Dasma but a lot bigger. I would love to hang out there one of this day.


What's your favorite refreshment?

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