Mother's Day Gift Ideas

May 6, 2015

Our mother's gave us a lot of things starting from when she conceived us up to this day. Mothers are selfless in many ways and to return that love and care, we should make them feel special this coming Sunday.

Here's some of my tips on how to make your mother extra special without going over your budget:

1. Cook her breakfast or for the whole day

Our mothers usually take charge in cooking for us so this coming Sunday, greet her Mother's day morning with a breakfast you cooked yourself. I'm sure you're mom would appreciate that.

2. Buy her flowers

This is a very common practice and I'm sure a lot of bouquets would be out for sale on Sunday but I suggest that you don't just buy the ready made ones. Why not choose the flowers you believe represents your mother and put them all together?

For guys, don't forget to buy your mom flowers on Sunday! From all the women you're gonna give flowers to, your mother should always be the first one on the list! ;)

3. Take her out on a date separate from a family's celebration

Our mothers don't really have that "me" time because of work and mother/wife duties to fulfill everyday so why not take her out for a spa? Or facial? Give her that massage she have always needed. This is also a very nice time to bond with your mother.

4. Wake her up on Sunday with a cuddle

Prepare yourself to wake up earlier than her, prepare her breakfast and wake her up with your warm cuddle. I'm sure that cuddle would make her morning a lot lovelier and brighter.

5. Write her a poem or a letter (hand written)

Because of technology, most of us are now too lazy to write letters by hand. This Mother's Day, instead of posting in Facebook or your social media account, why not write your message down in a piece of paper and hand it to her directly? This is more sincere.

6. Play her favorite songs in the car

If you're going out with your mom or if you're family is heading for a dinner on Sunday, prepare the songs your mother enjoys best. Make her listen and sing in the car while you drive to your destination. This is a very simple thing but would give your mom the chance to just be herself once again away from thinking the electric bills, house chores, etc.

7. Take her to the movies

Again, since our mothers are usually busy with us, this coming Sunday, take her to the cinemas. Let her choose which movie she likes to watch and just give her that moment to relax.
8. Make a simple short video/slideshow of you growing up with her

If you have some extra time and skills in creating a video presentation (or at least a slideshow), why not find your baby pictures with her? Do you remember how she held you when you were a child? Probably not. But I'm sure your mother does. Show in the video you will create how much you appreciate her; from the simple things she does to the greatest things she has done - may it be to you or your family or even to someone else. We don't get the chance to express our gratitude every day so please, make sure you express it this Mother's day.

9. Buy her some thing she have always wanted.

Ever since she carried us in her womb, all she thinks about is our needs. She gave up a lot of things for us. She probably bought your milk when you were a child rather than buying that wonderful dress she saw from the mall. If you're already earning/working, buy your mom what she has always wanted to have. It's time to give back!

10. Tell her you love her and kiss her.

Kissing our parents has become a bit awkward for most of us especially on our teenage years. Grab the chance to kiss your mom this coming Mother's day while telling her how much you love her. If you feel awkward doing it, remind yourself that the person you're about to kiss took all the pain in the world just to give birth to you!

These are just some of my gift ideas/tips for mother's day. If you have suggestions you'd like to share to us, feel free to comment about it below.

My advance Happy Mother's Day greetings to your mom!


  1. All the ideas will melts mama heart. I took my mom out for a spa, feast and bought her something that she love.

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