Dinner with the Movie Stars!

May 22, 2015

We were very fortunate to have had the chance to eat dinner with the one-and-only, Spiderman! It was such an honor! Haha! Kidding!

If you've been to Mall of Asia (seaside area), especially those walking to Vikings, you may have passed King Kong's enormous face on the side walk. We'll, he's not the only movie star you'll see in this cafe. 

Truth is, we had the opportunity to dine-in with a lot of Movie Stars! There were the Princesses, the Superheroes, the Robots and even the Killers! I was pertaining to Chucky and this guy from the Chainsaw Massacre. Haha!

This cafe was filled with movie stars hence, they are called the Movie Stars Cafe. I honestly have been passing this cafe before but ignored it for I thought it was only for cosplayers and for kids. It was my dad who wanted to see what was inside.

This is the kind of cafe/restaurant the kids would really enjoy in. The place was bright and happy. From where we were seated, we saw how the kids smiled and their eyes sparkled as they enter this cafe.

I just wasn't able to take a photo of the entire cafe because there were a lot of people and their show was about to start. But to describe it, the tables and chairs were arranged in a circular manner while the stage was place in the middle.

There were about 50+ TV screens across the room giving the customers a good access to the stage view (or whatever TV show was playing).

Their menu was just like the ambiance - very colorful and childlike. There were pasta, course meals, pizza, appetizers and a lot more. They even have a buffet at the other side of the cafe. We chose to order from the menu because the food in the buffet were more for the kids than the adults. May I just add that their buffet doesn't have much choices.

My dad ordered a seafood platter (and added draft beer) while my mom and I opted for a pasta. They had large servings which is good for at least 1-3 persons and not to forget their fast service.

Enjoy the all-time favorite spaghetti with egg slices, parmesan cheese,
pecorino cheese and bacon.

A treasure trove of coconut shrimp, oyster tempura, and crispy crablets
served with mango chili chutney sauce, lite soy, and chill vinegar dip
that could make any explorer's mouth water.

Food Verdict

The pasta was very creamy but not too creamy to an extent you'd get fed up easily. It was well prepared and cooked. I personally tried the coconut shrimp but I just didn't like how it tasted. I also find the shrimp quite overcooked. But my dad enjoyed it so I guess, it's okay.

Overall Experience

As adults, it was still a very fun experience for us. The performances and the hospitality of the movie characters really helped in making customers feel the vibe and feel comfortably happy while inside the cafe. Yes, the food are quite expensive but the servings are good for sharing so I suggest that if you do plan to go here, bring your friends with you. Or if you have a smaller brother/sister/cousin/niece/nephew/godchildren, this is a great place to take them for a treat!

I honestly didn't want to go here because I felt it was too childish but sometimes, it's great to go out of your comfort zone and just enjoy the moment. 

If you were to come here, which movie star
would you be looking for?
Share your answer below.


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