PLDT Home Bro Ultera Sucks!

May 27, 2015

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I just would like to blog about my bad experience with PLDT Home Bro Ultera Plan. Below is my personal experience with them. On the comments section, you'd find the experiences of other users. Please do share this too so others can be aware.

The Glorious Days with Smart Bro

Ever since I moved to Cavite, I signed up for Smart Bro's P999 plan. Back then, it was the "Unlimited Plan". All throughout my college, I never had a problem with Smart Bro's connection unless of course, during typhoon. They're always able to restore connections as soon as the weather gets better. There was even an instance when it was raining really hard in our area and yet, I had a good and fast connection.

I finished my college with the help of my Smart Bro. I had no problem with surfing the net for hours when I had assignments to do, no problem with watching and uploading videos for projects, etc. In short, I was very much happy with my connection and with their service.

Then came the time when I was left with no choice!

Then one day last year, I received a call from their customer service agent informing me they will be sending some of their people to change my antenna and they will be providing a wifi router. They promised it will be faster. I didn't have the choice because according to their agent, they are recalling all the old antenna (they have a term for it, I just forgot) and replacing it with this so-called Ultera.

Because they promised me it would be faster, I gave it a shot... yeah, like I have a choice?! In the beginning, it was fast! I tried watching a 2-hour video from Youtube and there was no buffering! I was impressed. How I wished I wasn't so impressed then so I wouldn't be so disappointed now.

After a few months, the speed declined. I didn't complain because I know there are a lot of people now subscribed to them and it could be causing the signal or speed to go slower than the average. I understand that part and I don't really mind if my connection isn't as fast as they promised. I'm okay if the speed of my connection is just average. What matters to me is it works!

For weeks now, I've been experiencing a terrible connection! Though not monitored in detail, I can say that after about 5 minutes or so interval, my connection would go on and off. I have called their customer service last week and the first guy I spoke to didn't explain to me what the cause could be. He reported my problem and he gave me a report/reference number. After a few hours, I called again to ask if there are any updates since we need connection at home. The next agent that I spoke to told me there are some system maintenance happening. Seriously? How many system maintenance do these guys do in a day or in a week?! It's getting really annoying because you can sense that they're using that excuse for their bad service. If they had been really doing maintenance, then why on earth are their connection still failing? What's the maintenance for if it's not improving the connection? What's the point?

Every time their promotion comes up in Eat Bulaga, it gets me totally annoyed and I can't help but roll my eyes. I honestly don't know for the other locations but it was only in the beginning that their connection was fast. It declined and now almost always useless!

If you're planning to fall for their promo especially now that they go to different provinces and barangays (aggressive promotions ha?), please do ask around first. I'm sure your some of your neighbors previously had Smart Bro before migrating to PLDT Home Bro Uletra Plans. Ask them their experience so you would have a fair idea whether they have a good connection in your area or a terrible one likes ours.

UPDATE: MAY 16, 2016

I'm still using PLDT Ultera because I'm left with no choice. Firstly, there are no available slot for my area with other networks. Secondly, I just found out today, May 16, 2016, I cannot upgrade because as the person in FCIE Branch said there's a lock in period for Ultera plans. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?! I was surprised to know this! I made it clear to him I was previously a SmartBro subscriber and was only transferred to PLDT Ultera just because I was told it was mandatory. Now, they're telling me Ultera Plans have 3 years contract period. And within that period, I cannot upgrade nor downgrade my plan. BULLSHIT!

I don't remember signing a contract when my canopy was changed. I don't remember being told about the lock-in period but I do remember I was told there was no lock-in period since I had been a subscriber (with SmartBro) for more than 5 years already! Now, what's this new policy? Were subscribers from SmartBro informed this? Don't think so.

When I was raising this concern to the PLDT staff in FCIE, he told me "Hindi lang po kayo na-inform." That's when I lost it. So ganun nalang pala yon. We will have to live with Why on earth would they impose a contract (lock in period) on previous SmartBro subscribers? That's just unfair. And to think, I was not informed with this contract in the first place!

I also called *1888, their hotline to confirm and was told my contract expires on October this year according to the customer service representative named Quen. Seriously?!?! I was tied in a contract without me knowing? I don't even have a copy of that contract!

I will be going to PLDT tomorrow, May 17 to demand them to show me the contract they say I signed. But for now, I will also be creating a petition to terminate the contracts of internet providers in the country. Because no government agency is protecting our interest as consumers, we have to do it ourselves. But hopefully, with Duterte's administration, everything will get better.

If you're also subscribed to the Ultera Plans,
kindly share your experience below - good or bad.
Thank you!


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