How to Survive Growing up: Paano ba toh?!

May 22, 2015

It was never easy growing up. We have to go through physical changes during adolescence, deal with different personalities and attitudes of people we meet, find solutions to our life problems and so on. Do you remember asking yourself how you'll survive it? Do you remember how you survived it? Bianca does. That's why she wrote a book to share her experiences and whatever she learned along the way, hoping she'd be able to help and inspire other girls to hang on and live on.

The Book

There are eight (8) chapters in this book and they are the following: Family, Friendship, Love, Career & Money, Failures, Fashion & Beauty, Purpose and lastly, Self.

In each chapter, there are the Q&A's, real stories, list of 10, from the expert, life lessons from different personalities, a free space to write on and an eye-catching quote illustrations at the end. 

The  book is in Taglish (Tagalog-English) so it is an easy read for Filipinos. I read mine on my way home from her book launch and by the time I got home, I was done! I was just caught with so many things so I'm only able to blog about it now.

This retails at Php245 ($5.50) and I think it comes with cute little stickers. During her launch, the books sold (or given to bloggers) didn't have it so lucky for those who have recently bought the book! Hehe!

Parts of the Book I enjoyed and like

I'm really not the girly type so I enjoy reading articles or writings about beauty tips. The book does not tackle a full on beauty column or tutorial but at least it gives its readers the basics.

As I've mentioned from my former book review, I always look for writings about savings or finances. I love how this book had some calculations (and tips) for readers to understand and use. This section of the book would really help younger readers handle their money well.

During the time I was reading this, I felt more connected to the Failures chapter for some reason. And fortunately, I learned a lot from that chapter and it helped me felt better with myself and with whatever circumstance I was dealing with that time.

On another note, I really enjoyed reading this part of the Friendship chapter 'cause it's quite true. When you read it, you'd be like... "Yeah, I have a friend like that!". Haha! You should check it out!

As I've grown older, I've learned a lot about myself and have accepted a lot of reality which is being a morena. In that list she made, I can totally relate in 6 of them.

Part of growing up is, of course, maturity. And in maturity comes social responsibility. I remember my grade school telling me "Be the change you want to see in the world." Though it's not really her own words and though I didn't understood it back then, it was stuck in my head. So when I matured, I finally understood what she meant. I knew what I had to do. And that is to be socially responsible. Give back to the world. Make that change.

I love lists so her 30 things to do before turning 30 inspired me to make one. And in my list, it includes marrying Atom Araullo (chos!). Kidding aside, I do love the contributions of the other celebrities or personalities in the book but I just would like to use Atom's illustration. Crush ko eh! Pake mo ba?! Haha!!!

I know she's gone through a lot since she's five years older than me but basically, these are the things I've learned so far as well... which I hope other readers would eventually learn on their own too.

Who should buy this book?

Personally, I think this book best fit ladies on their late teens to late 20's because I believe that these are the ages when girls go through a lot of things. Though some of the book's advice are the common things we hear from friends, it's still good to have this book just hanging around your room. So you can just reach and read it when your friends are busy with their own problems too and/or you need some enlightenment about something.

This is a great gift item also! If you know someone going through a tough time, get that person a copy and make her busy learning how to survive. *winks*


This book review has been long overdue. Sorry for the delay as I was just really busy the past days with my second course studies, my online businesses and my parents holidays. I hope you enjoy it. Do you own a copy? What are your insights? Share it with me below.
PS: I'll be giving away a copy of this book soon.
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