Safari Inspired Outfit

May 30, 2015

I'm the kind of girl who loves to travel alone. Walking and exploring the streets of my province and even the streets of Manila has become my hobby and satisfaction. It somehow gives me the complete feeling of freedom. I feel like I'm Lion, set free to the city to showcase my strengths and powers.
As I visited my former university, I chose to wear my moss green dress paired with my Ingga sandals and a thrifted bag. I find this a safari inspired outfit because of its colors and the style of the dress.

I really enjoyed this simple outfit plus the map-like thrifted bag had enough space for most of my stuff. I also love wearing my Ingga sandals after a rain because it's somewhat elevated so the wet streets don't get to touch my toes.

Sometimes, we don't need to dress up too much to look good. We should always remember it is looking presentable that is important.

Dress: SM Woman
Bag: Thrifted
Sandals: Ingga
Watch: Timex

Photographed by: Jomar T.


What can you say about my outfit?


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