S&R Membership Shopping in Imus

May 16, 2015

I'm happy to share to you that I'm finally a member of the leading membership shopping center in the Philippines! I recently signed up for S&R Membership Shopping, Cavite branch located in Barangay Anabu 1-D, Aguinaldo Highway, Imus.

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Honestly, I really have no idea what products they sell inside. All I know is that they have Starbucks (haha!) since it's what my friends post every time they shop there. So I had an idea that they sell foreign/imported goods; something most Filipinos loves to purchase.

Our S&R visit wasn't planned. We just happened to have a free time last week and my uncle suggested that we try S&R. So I took the chance to be a member. Signing up for their membership is as easy as one-two-three!

You will just have to fill up their membership form which can be found in their counters or you can print a copy from here. You will need to present two (2) valid IDs. If you only have one identification card, they will not issue your membership shopping card, instead they will give you a temporary shopping card to present to the cashier.

After presenting your completed application (membership) form, you will be asked to be seated. They will process and ask you to stand for a photograph. You will just wait for them to call you to get your card.

The Gold Membership costs Php700 ($16) and if you want a supplementary card, additional of Php400 ($9) is needed. To know more about their membership, click here.

Sample of the S&R Official Shopping Card
What are their products like?

Most of the products too are in large volumes and as I've mentioned earlier, most of it are imported though there are also some local brands.

I've seen a lot of baking products and different salad dressings. My dad went crazy with the liquors available there. Some of those liquors are cheaper than Duty Free & SM Supermarket!

If you were to ask me, the people who will best benefit from this shopping center are those with large families who needs to have large quantities of stock per month or those with a business.

There are also products like home furniture, drawers/organizers and other home items! I'm just not sure if the Manila branches have more variety than in Imus.

What products would I mostly likely buy?

Personally, I'm interested to with the spreads like Skippy, Nutella and alike. Of course, I'm mostly likely to buy Starbucks, Lays, some imported sweets like the gummy bears, etc. Also, I'm looking forward to buy and try the beauty/hair products.

What we bought on our first visit?

I just wasn't able to take a photo of the others (or our cart) but we bought Starbucks, pastas, some meat especially spareribs, some liquor for my Dad, some snacks like Lays & Pringles, sweets like gummy bear, fruits and many more.

Overall Experience

I'm satisfied with our first purchases and I'm looking forward to buy again soon. This time, I'm planning to ask my friends or our neighbors if they want the products I'd buy too so we can share the total costs.


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