Stella: Star of the Pacific

May 31, 2015

According to their website
"Stella is a thinking woman's magazine from the Pacific Islands. The magazine celebrates the indigenous voice of Pacific Islanders covering fashion, health, travel, arts, and life across our region. Following publishing trends from across the globe, Stella shares uplifting stories from our Pacific sisters and brothers across the region in all walks of life. We aim to challenge the stereotypes and share good ideas."

Growing up in PNG

Unlike other countries, PNG didn't have a good magazine back then. What we had at home were the daily newspaper copies. Or if we had a magazine that speaks about PNG or the Pacifican Islands, it was the Air Niugini magazine. We take those magazines home (to Philippines) so we can display it in our house and show it to our visitors. It's our way of introducing the country we lived almost half our lives in.

So when my mom told me that there's a new magazine in the market, I asked her to grab a copy. She handed that copy to me when I went back to PNG for the holidays. And honestly, when I first saw it, I thought it was just a fashion magazine but when I checked inside, it was more than that.

The Magazine

What I love about this magazine is how well it is created - from the typography to the photography - as in everything was well put together! Let me show you what I mean:

These photos are from their different issues and are not in order. But you can clearly see how much effort their team exerts to make each issue a worthy one.

I really love the photography of in this magazine because it looks neat and consistent with whatever the topic is about; very editorial. The photographs really do speak of the Pacific and PNG's culture. When you flip the pages of this magazine, it's like you're on a visual tour.

I do love the content too! Most of the content are interviews of people (known or ordinary) and I find it really interesting. There are also success stories where the locals should draw inspiration from. They even have poems and other things like DIY crafts or recipes.

Each issue comes with these beautiful back-to-back poster. The back parts are usually either a calendar template or a simple pattern. These poster (referring to the photo above) are very beautiful however, I'd rather keep them than stick it to my room wall.

These magazines are now here with me in the Philippines. We share this magazine to our visitors so they could read and know more about the country and its people.

I'm just really happy that there's a magazine such as Stella. I know that this magazine will be able to help the PNG women in many ways. If you want to know more about them, you can visit their website at


In your country, what's your favorite magazine?


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