Stupid is Forever by Miriam Defensor Santiago

May 28, 2015

Sinong nagsabi na walang forever? (Who said there's no forever)

According to Miriam, STUPID IS FOREVER!

Miriam Defensor Santiago is one of our country's Senators and is known for her intelligence, straight-to-the-point opinions and speeches, brave criticisms, and recently, her banat lines (cheesy/joke lines). Through her humor, she was able to capture the attention and support of the youth. 

The Book

The book is filled with banat lines or jokes. Some of those lines are from Miriam herself but most, as she mentioned in the foreword, she got from different sources and emphasized that she makes no claim to the originality of the words compiled in this book.

When I say it is filled with jokes and banat lines, I meant that it made about 90% of the book. The 10% was her speeches from different universities. Below are their titles:

My Verdict

I loved her speeches because it was full of strong points to think about and talk about to others. There were only 3 speeches. How I wish they have included more.

I did enjoy some of the jokes or banat lines but I've already read some of it in Twitter or heard over the radio so it wasn't something I wouldn't get over with. I honestly think it would have been better if they had recorded Sen. Miriam saying those lines and sold this book with a CD to play. There would have been more impact.

Not to forget, the illustrations in the book were amazing! Great job to the illustrators behind this book! The book is not colored but because of the illustrations, it did not come out boring.

The book retails at Php175 or roughly $4. Half of the jokes are in Tagalog and the other half are in English but the speeches are all in formal English.

Should I buy this book?

Practicality-wise, no. If you're regularly on Twitter, and follow the famous banatero accounts, I'm sure that you've already encountered the jokes or cheesy lines written in this book. So I suggest, ask your family or friends if they own this book and just borrow from them. But if no one among your circle owns one, then buy one and share it with them. *winks*


Come to think of it, why is the book titled that way? Well, I guess, Sen. Miriam just wanted to tell us that Stupidity is Forever only if you choose it that way. In her speeches, she encourage the youth to be wise in all the aspects of life. The jokes were just to keep everything balanced since her speeches had really strong points and for those who may not be as opinionated as Sen. Miriam, it may take some time for them to absorb it.


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