After numerous verification, I have finally found the two (2) lucky winners of my first book giveaway. I honestly had to disqualify a couple of people because they did not follow the basic rules of the giveaway. So for next participants, please make sure you read, understand and follow the giveaway rules before joining just so your entries won't go to waste.

Anyway, here are the two (2) beautiful, lucky winners of my giveaway:

Who doesn't like massages? We need to reward ourselves with a great massage once in a while after all that hard work. But oftentimes, aren't we too lazy to go out and find a nice spa to book a service with? Worry no more! There's a new app called Spa Finder PH.

It was my first time to attend a BDJ event which fell on the first Sunday of June 2015 and was held at The Blue Leaf Filipinas in Aseana City (near City of Dreams). I was very excited not only because of the famous beauty fair but more on the workshops I was to attend that day. I really have no idea how to be all girly/feminine/kikay so this is a must-attend event for me.
Finally, Papemelroti is now open in SM Dasmariñas! They have just opened their branch today, June 27, 2015, at the lower ground floor of the mall, next to Great Image. No more traveling to Manila for Cavite Papemelroti buyers! :)
Just like the other branches, you will be overwhelmed with the wall interiors, the extremely cute paper products and other novelty items!

Finding the right lotion for you can be both stressful and costly. I have tried different lotion brands before but I can't seem to be satisfied with any of them. They usually turn out too sticky or greasy after application and I don't see any changes from my skin after weeks of application.

I heard about Jergens before but didn't get to try them asap because I was using another brand; I thought they would make a difference. After months of trying, still no difference so I had to search for another lotion. Then I came across this Jergens Ultra Healing lotion during our Sunday grocery (months ago) at a local supermarket and grabbed the chance to finally try it.

As I was going through my stuff, I came across my phone cases which reminded me of Janine's phone case collection blog post. It gave me an idea to post mine as well.

I'm not really a phone case collector. Serious! We visited CD-R King a couple of weeks ago and saw these phone cases on their display. I checked it out and found out that these cases were very affordable! Most of the cases cost Php30 ($0.66) only while the giraffe costed Php50 ($1.11)! So yep! You guessed it, I went hoarding!

Growing a long hair is really not my thing. I always have hair cut short but my requested that I grow it long. I hate how hard it is to shampoo and rinse! Well you see, I'm honestly not the kikay kind. I even rarely comb my hair in a day and would usually just go for a messy bun because I get easily annoyed or tired fixing it.

Despite that, I granted my mom's wish to grow it. Now that it's beyond chest long, I'm tempted to cut it not just because I find it hard to maintain but because it looks boring already. So I checked what styles I can do with my hair and one of them is doing curls!

If you're a blog follower, you have heard about this event called The #BreastDayEver2015. To read my former post about it, click here.

The event was held yesterday, June 24, 2015 at SM Megamall, 5th floor (across Bo's coffee). I arrived just on time! I almost came late because of the heavy traffic. While we were waiting for the other participants, a song number was presented by these talented individuals namely, Kath, James and Kenneth (not in order).

Most people nowadays take notes using their phones or other gadgets. Only a few now actually writes by hand. Some people, myself included, would often say that our hand writing is a mess so we'd prefer to type and print. It's convenient and fast.

It is because of that convenience that typing has taken over hand writing. And it is because of typing that made hand writing more exciting. How? Simply by incorporating it with art.

I honestly don't like going to buffets before because I usually don't like the food offered. I'm a such picky person when it comes to food because I was too afraid to try out new food. I (even my parents) felt that if I go to buffets, I would just be wasting money since I would not eat much. But everything changed when I was able to experience the Vikings buffet at Mall of Asia.

My parents and even other OFWs work hard abroad to provide for their families. They usually sacrifice a lot of things. They give up the things and even meals they wanted to have thinking it's much better to send the money to their loved ones here in the Philippines.

I'm glad that Vikings came up with this promo for our OFWs so they can get the chance to eat the dishes they have been longing for or haven't tried yet. OFWs can dine-in at any Vikings branch (except NIU) for free (terms and conditions apply). This is a great reward after years of hard work and sacrifices.

Terms and Conditions for this Promo:

A few days left before the classes start in De La Salle University - Dasmarinas. Some students may feel excited because they'll be able to see their friends again while others are sad because vacation is about to end. One thing is for sure, the freshmen are excited to meet their classmates and their teachers.

But before all of you head to your first day, let me share some simple tips for the incoming freshmen. I know that being a college freshman is exciting and scary at the same time but don't worry, I'm here to walk you through the things I've gone through just so you would be able to adopt to the environment quickly.

This is a late post about one of my dinner dates for my 25th birthday last year. I was just looking through my external drive and realized I didn't get to blog about it so please, do allow me though it's almost a year ago.

It was rainy night of August 14, 2014 when I met up with one of my friends, Ate Mhelen. I wanted to spend my birthday with the people close and dear to me but it was only Ate Mhelen who was available that night. We met at Robinsons Pioneer and because I'm from the province, I really have no idea where else to eat aside from malls. She suggested we go to Kapitolyo. Never heard or been to the place so I said, sure.

These full-sized (100mL) fragrances from Adore are my second samples from Sample Room. They are priced at Php99.75 each and are available in all SM Department and grocery stores nationwide.

Are you one of the many people who gets really annoyed at receiving game notifications every day? Well, worry no more as I will help you turn them off!

Earlier today, I came across a post on Facebook book showing how to turn of game requests. It is as easy as one, two, three!

Are you stuck in a routine wherein you wake up early to prepare for work, travel more than an hour to your office, spend 9 (or more!) hours doing boring and never-ending work for a boss that you hate, clock out tired and weary without a sense of fulfillment, travel more than an hour again to go home, eat, prepare for bed, cuddle and spend time with your family (if you're not too tired), sleep for less than 8 hours only to wake up early the same morning to repeat this routine?

Then it is time for you to ditch that routine and become a freelance writer. Where work and play is possible.

YFSF stands for Your Face Sounds Familiar, a TV program in ABS-CBN wherein selected TV personalities impersonate their fellow local (and even international) artists. They have to look and sound like them. They are given different persons every week at the end of the show. The photo above was their first impersonations (pilot episode).

It is a very interesting show because you can see how much each of them improves every week. It's entertaining to see that some of them were really good at portraying the given person to them. One of them was, of course, Edgar Allan Guzman or more known as, EA.

I remember as I was growing up and there were physical changes happening in my body that I wanted to understand but was too afraid to ask. Back then, Google wasn't around yet so I had to rely on either school textbooks or my best friend's opinions.

It was awkward too when people starts giving me baby bras as gifts. It was more awkward during high school. Some say I'm gifted so I look funny when I run on our school PE uniform or when I wear sleeveless tops. Girls will label you a slut while boys would call you hot. It was pretty annoying. Maybe that's why I wasn't so open talking about it.

They say men are naturally obsessed with watches while girls are either obsessed with shoes or bags. So should that mean I'm more of a man than a woman? Haha! I'm more attracted to watches than to shoes or bags. If girls pair their outfits with bags or shoes, I choose watches.

Living in a metropolitan area could be quite overwhelming for most people. Be it the tortuous traffic jams during rush hour or the rat race involved in the morning commute, these are just some of the things in the daily metropolis life that could leave you stressed and/or drained.

That is why most people would prefer living in a location that minimizes the stress from the fast-paced life in the metro without having to compromise productivity for leisure.

Look no further as that ideal location exists in the heart of Manila – the Ortigas Center!

Today, June 1, 2015 is the fiesta of my dad's hometown, As-is Bauan Batangas. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go there today due to some important job to finish. But though I'm not there to celebrate it, I would like to share with you the kind of fiesta we usually have for our Barangay.

All these photos are from the past fiesta celebrations. I just want to give you an idea of how Filipinos celebrate this yearly event specifically our Barangay.

Did you ever wish you had an ability other people in the world doesn't and will never have? Because frankly, I've always dreamed to have something like that. I wanted an ability that can help me capture criminals.

But for Lucy, it was a different story.

The average person uses 10% of their brain capacity. Imagine what she could do with 100%.