ABCs of Hand Lettering by Abbey Sy

Jun 24, 2015

Most people nowadays take notes using their phones or other gadgets. Only a few now actually writes by hand. Some people, myself included, would often say that our hand writing is a mess so we'd prefer to type and print. It's convenient and fast.

It is because of that convenience that typing has taken over hand writing. And it is because of typing that made hand writing more exciting. How? Simply by incorporating it with art.

I can't remember when exactly calligraphy started to trend in the Philippines but I believe it was just recently that many people began to recognize it. But I'm sure of one thing: the first person I knew doing calligraphy was Abbey Sy from a Muni event. A separate post about that will be scheduled this week.

When I found out she's launching a book about hand lettering, I already knew she's the perfect person to write it. I knew we, as beginners, would learn a lot from her. I'm glad she shared these knowledge with us through this book.

the Book

This 96 paged book is made up of 5 chapters. The first two chapters are the basics where you will learn and understand what calligraphy is, what are the different kind of fonts you can use and most importantly, what materials do you need to begin your hand lettering art.

In the middle of the book, you will find featured artists. There are 13 inspiring artists for you to check out. Some of their artworks are shared in the book and so are their lettering story, inspirations, weapon of choice and lastly, their favorite style. This is a good inspiration for those who have started hand lettering art. You know as they say, learn from the experts.

If I'm not mistaken, about 5 of the featured artists (including Abbey) will be at the Type Lab MNL event. If you want to know more about it, click here.

On the last part of the book are her tips and other advises. I love how she encourages you to find your own style rather than just relying on what others have done. It can be really challenging for beginners but as she said, with practice and so many trials, you'll eventually find your writing style.

And there's more! She also shared how you can progress from practicing and how you can promote your work. I've been following Abbey for quite some time now and when I was reading her tips, I knew she was speaking from her experience - which for me is more credible than just speaking from what others have done or gone through.


This is a must-have book for beginners who totally don't know anything about calligraphy or typography. But even if you already know the basics, this is still a good book to keep and share with people who wants to start their own hand lettering art book. By lending this book or giving it as a gift, you already encourage or inspire others to be unleash their creative side.

Personally, as a beginner, I learned the complete process through this book. I've always thought it was just writing artistically but I found out it was more than that. It actually takes a lot of creativity, focus, patience and discipline to produce such beautiful art.

Honestly, I've been wanting to start this. I just needed a push and that's what Abbey and the book gave me. I'm sure it would do the same for you so grab your copy now! It retails for just Php295 (roughly about $7) at the following:
National Bookstores: Megamall, Greenbelt, Robinsons Galleria, Shangrila, SM Angono, Market Market, SM Aura, Power Plant
Powerbooks: Megamall, Serendra, Greenbelt, Shangrila
Fully Booked stores: BGC, Power Plant Mall, Megamall
Also available online via Buqo!


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