Adore Flirt & Enchanted Spell Review (Sample Room)

Jun 17, 2015

These full-sized (100mL) fragrances from Adore are my second samples from Sample Room. They are priced at Php99.75 each and are available in all SM Department and grocery stores nationwide.

Flirt: Drive Him Crazy

According to the Sample Room website, the inspiration of this perfume is Gap's Heaven scent. They described the scent as white floral, musky and animalic.

My Review:

When I first saw the product's packaging, I expected it to smell seductive but it turned out to smell cool and fresh. The scent reminds me of ice water scents. When I asked a male friend, he thought it was a unisex perfume. The scent lasts longer (about 4 hours long) than the "Enchanted Spell" however, the smell of this fragrance is not what I prefer.

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Enchanted Spell: Break the Spell

They have described this scent as citrus, floral and fresh. This was inspired from Lacoste's Joy of Pink  Just the same as other Adore bottles, this can be bought for just Php99.75 ($2.21).

My Review:

I love the smell of this fragrance because it's fruity and sweet. With the help of the packaging and it's name, "Enchanted Spell", it did make me feel and smell like a Princess. This can be used as a daily fragrance because it isn't too strong and it matches even the simple outfits. However though, the scent didn't last long. I had to reapply it every after a few hours.


I do believe this is a budget friendly cologne because even if you have to reapply it, four sprays are enough for the day - two sprays at the beginning and the other two sprays for the reapplication.

There are other scents available that they claim will suit your mood. You can click each of the fragrances from here to check their reviews.

You can follow their Facebook and Twitter accounts for their latest products and promos.


What's the kind of mood you want in a scent?


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