#BeautyBootcamp by BDJ Box

Jun 29, 2015

It was my first time to attend a BDJ event which fell on the first Sunday of June 2015 and was held at The Blue Leaf Filipinas in Aseana City (near City of Dreams). I was very excited not only because of the famous beauty fair but more on the workshops I was to attend that day. I really have no idea how to be all girly/feminine/kikay so this is a must-attend event for me.

When I got there, the registration for the first classes or workshops have started. You will be given your Bootcamp Passport and and ID upon registration. The ID showed our names and the workshops we are participating in while the passport was just a guide map where the brands (sponsors) are located inside the beauty fair.

Above (right photo) is the entrance to the beauty fair. This is where the walk-ins and other Bellas register to enter the said fair. Across the registration is a small booth from Canon which prints out photos of guests that stood at the Beauty Bootcamp backdrop, using their Selphy printers. It's free! It's a great souvenir to have and keep.

Before I went for my workshops, I went around the beauty fair. Each brand gives out freebies but you either have to sign-up and take a photo in their booth or with their product. Some even require that you post it on your social media before they hand you a freebie. Kind of hassle for a small freebie, if you'd ask me. So I didn't bother anymore. I took a photo of myself at Goody's booth just because I find it cute and creative (speaking in terms of marketing here).

Actually, there were a lot of activities happening in each booth. Some brands, aside from having testers available in their booths, had games and free consultations. Given the small space, can you imagine the chaos? Believe me, it was quite stressful.

The Workshops

My first workshop was with Neutrogena and it was about Skin Hydration Techniques. I wouldn't call this a workshop since we didn't do anything aside from listening to the speaker who by the way was Ms. Yvonne Lopez M.D, a lab scientist if I'm not mistaken.

I actually enjoyed her presentation as I really have no idea about skin hydration. I will be posting a more detailed blog post about my learning in the next days.

The second workshop or should I just call a seminar was with Ms. Miselle P. Bergonia, an AICI FLC Certified Image Consultant. She was a very fun speaker to listen to. She spoke about how women can gain confidence in general.

The third one was with L'oreal Paris which was about Perfect Base, Flawless Face. I was excited about this one because I thought there'd be a hands-on tutorial how to apply a perfect base make-up. Though they were able to make a tutorial in front, we participants were just watching. It felt like I was just watching another video tutorial from YouTube. I'll expound further my disappointment for this workshop in my next post.

Overall Experience

I can honestly say I expected too much from this event. It was my first time but because I've seen great photos and read good blogs about their former events, I thought this would be just like it.

Don't get me wrong, I loved the two (2) workshops I attended because I did learn a lot from them. But the other parts - including the beauty fair - was NOT what I imagined it to be. Just to summarize it:

What I Love About This Event

1. Neutrogena Talk
2. Strip and Browhaus Talk

What I Did Not Like

1. Location. The location was clean and beautiful but it was quite hard for commuters to go to (best option was to take a taxi) and there's only one fastfood near the place! Yes, Jollibee was just a walk away from the event area but we had so limited time to go there! The only food available in the fair were cupcakes and yogurts! How do they think their participants would be able to eat lunch? Did they expect all participants to have taken their breakfasts and lunch before they went there?

2. Workshop Schedules. There was only 30 minutes break per session/workshop. It was such a small time for workshop participants to enjoy the beauty fair and to have a decent meal outside the event area. I was struggling and to think, I only had 3 workshops?! What more for those who had 5 workshops?! And I REALLY HATE the fact that they will not issue a certificate if you're 15 minutes late? What if those people who came late took their lunch outside because there wasn't a good food available for them in the event? Didn't they anticipate that?

3. Beauty Fair (space). I find the event area for the beauty fair really small. It was hard to visit the booths because people are everywhere... literally. I personally look at it as a chaos.

4. Beauty Fair (products). I have met other people along the workshops who were already regular BDJ event participants. They mentioned how the freebies and products in that fair differ from the past. One even mentioned that before, brands would just give you freebies to try and blog/talk about (isn't it the purpose?). But now, you have to do so many things before you can get a small freebie from them.

Aside from the freebies, the products in the beauty fair were not complete! I expected so much from their posts! They kept promoting the beauty fair telling participants to bring money because there's a 50% discount on top brands. The only booths I knew that had a massive sale was L'oreal Paris and FS Cosmetics! The others either had a very minimal discount or they don't have products/service available for us!

5. Loot bag. Let's not be hypocrites here. Every participant would love to have a loot bag filled with freebies; not filled with some flyers and discount coupons. Or at least make the loot bag easy to carry around! It was small, packed with brochures and a bulky magazine. For short, it was such a hassle to carry around the beauty fair and back and forth the workshops.


I hope the next BDJ event I'll go to would be
much more organized than this.


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  1. Too bad, that it nearly met your expectations for their event, the bright side is you have at least learn from two of their events