The Breast Day Ever 2015

Jun 25, 2015

If you're a blog follower, you have heard about this event called The #BreastDayEver2015. To read my former post about it, click here.

The event was held yesterday, June 24, 2015 at SM Megamall, 5th floor (across Bo's coffee). I arrived just on time! I almost came late because of the heavy traffic. While we were waiting for the other participants, a song number was presented by these talented individuals namely, Kath, James and Kenneth (not in order).

After a while, other participants arrived at the event area. The attendees were a mixture of sexes and ages: old, young, male and female. It simply shows how everyone is now interested to know more about breast cancer and are more open talking about it than before.

the Sessions

The group was divided to four (4) sections - A, B, C and D - which later turned out to be the sessions for the entire event. Since I was seated at session D, we were taught self-examination of breasts which was facilitated by Ms. Malou Cortez from the Philippine Foundation for Breast Care Inc.

Though I have read and seen these instructions online, I understood it more in person. I learned that it's not just pressing the breasts; it actually has a pattern/routine to follow and different pressures to apply. She taught us how important it is to look at our breasts as much as we look at our faces daily.

The next session (session C) was with Dr. Fernando Roque, an oncologist. He taught us more about the facts of breast cancer from the risk factors to the treatment processes. It was a very interesting talk but because we lack time, Dr. Roque didn't get to finish his presentation.

After the two (2) sessions, it was lunch time! The event provided us healthy and delicious lunch for free. We were allowed to choose from FitFuel's Bibimbaps or from Tapsi ni Vivian. They were both flavorful!

We proceeded to our next sessions after lunch. Our group first went to the session that talks about the methods on how to fight breast cancer then onto the risk factors. The speakers were Dra. Marlene Barza (pathologist), Ms. Rachel, Dra. Marlene Barza, and Ms. Lorena Perdigon.

the Testimonies

In between the sessions and activities were testimonies from cancer patient/survivor. Jennica (left) is just 20 years old and still ongoing treatment while Nori (right) is 23 years old and it's been 3 years since she was cleared from breast cancer.

Hearing their testimonies were moving and inspiring. Jennica advised us to be attentive to whatever irregularity we feel in our body. She admitted that she ignored hers and now, she's fighting breast cancer.

Nori on the other hand inspired us with her story on how she was able to overcome the illness. Through the help of Philippine Foundation for Breast Care Inc., she was able to buy the medicines she needed. She was very emotional sharing her story since her mother also died from the same illness.

A few hours before the closing of the event, Ms. Glenda Garcia came over. She's one of the reputable actress in the Philippines and a cancer survivor. I also found out she's one of the officers of the Philippine Foundation for Breast Care Inc. It was an honor to meet her in person.


Before the closing, we were given a this very delicious cupcake as a snack made by one of the organizer's sister, Patricia Velasco (Celina's Cupcakes).

While they were choosing raffle winners, they gave each group a plain pink shirt and markers. Each group were told to write what they promise to do after this fruitful event. And these were the shirts of each group. I personally loved the last group's shirt with the ribbon symbol on it.

These women from the Philippine Foundation for Breast Care Inc. shared their organization's wonderful song to formally close the event. It was a passionate song that not only inspires the people battling cancer but also ordinary people to take part in the awareness and prevention of breast cancer.

a new #BreastFriend

In this event, I found a new #BreastFriend, her name is Glorie (a fellow blogger too!). She was seated in the same section as I was in, making us group members. When she asked me to add her in Facebook, I was surprised to find I have a pending friend request from her! Was it a coincidence or destiny? I believe it's God's way to find a new friend and a partner in this new journey we will be taking after this event; that is to be volunteers and advocates of breast cancer prevention.

What I've learned?

Here's a summary of what I've learned. I will provide a more detailed post about it soon.
  1. Self-examination.
  2. Everyone is at risk! Yes, even men are at risk for breast cancer!
  3. Contrary to other beliefs, bra wires are not a contributing factor to cancer.
  4. Early detection, best protection.
  5. Methods how to fight breast cancer before it reaches us.

Organizers namely Patricia, Amanda and Fideliz with event's host, Gem Ausa

It was a very informative and fun event. I just wish we had more time with Dr. Roque for his presentations. Nevertheless, I was still able to learn a lot from the other speakers.

I promise that after this event, I will help spread awareness about breast cancer and it's prevention. I'm currently researching how to be a volunteer. I want to educate our neighborhood (in Cavite) and our barangay (in Batangas) about breast cancer and encourage them to spread awareness as well.

Just like what Ms. Malou told us, "Women should pay more attention to their boobs than their pimples." (not her exact words but that was her point)

Congratulations to Patricia Velasco, Amanda Arambulo and Fideliz Cimatu for this successful event. Not forgetting the sponsors and other people behind it.


Are you an advocate for breast cancer prevention too?
What can you do to help the awareness?


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  1. wow natuloy din! the event looked really fun! I'm glad may mga ganito that raises awareness to people