Affordable Phone Cases

Jun 27, 2015

As I was going through my stuff, I came across my phone cases which reminded me of Janine's phone case collection blog post. It gave me an idea to post mine as well.

I'm not really a phone case collector. Serious! We visited CD-R King a couple of weeks ago and saw these phone cases on their display. I checked it out and found out that these cases were very affordable! Most of the cases cost Php30 ($0.66) only while the giraffe costed Php50 ($1.11)! So yep! You guessed it, I went hoarding!

I prefer plain cases because I can easily match it with any outfit. I usually want it simple. Besides, my phone is always on my bag or pocket anyway.

But because these were affordable, I bought some with design and print. I will use these more cutesy ones when I attend special occasions since I'm more likely to take out my phone there. I wouldn't let my phone look crap while I'm all glammed up, right? Hehe.

Because I was too lazy to do a shoot showing which case matches which outfit, I decided to portray it with books! Enjoy my collection! ;)

If you have a blog post about your phone case collection, join our blog link up! Simply take photos of your phone case collection, talk about it in your blog and encourage your other blogger friends to do the same! Leave your link below so I can include your link in my post. Do the same for yours. :)

1. Janine of Lime & Life (inspiration for this blog link-up)


Which case from this collection did you like?


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