DLSU-D Frosh Tips

Jun 20, 2015

A few days left before the classes start in De La Salle University - Dasmarinas. Some students may feel excited because they'll be able to see their friends again while others are sad because vacation is about to end. One thing is for sure, the freshmen are excited to meet their classmates and their teachers.

But before all of you head to your first day, let me share some simple tips for the incoming freshmen. I know that being a college freshman is exciting and scary at the same time but don't worry, I'm here to walk you through the things I've gone through just so you would be able to adopt to the environment quickly.

Things to Bring

I'm sure college freshmen are wondering what to bring on their first day. For some subjects, they wouldn't start lessons right away. They would usually give you time to know your classmates and discuss the subject syllabus. So you don't have to bring a lot of things yet. Below are the things you should bring - enough to make you survive the first day.

Aside from bringing your bag, wallet and school ID, here are the things you should not forget to bring with you on your first day:

1. Registration Form
Never ever forget your registration form! You can forget your ID but never your registration form! This is where your class schedule and their respective rooms can be found. Some professors would ask this from you just so they can double check the class list given to them by the admin. If you don't have this with you and you're name is not in the class list (believe me, this really happens), chances are you're either in the wrong classroom or you're name was just not encoded yet.

2. Pen
Always bring a pen with you (usually black), and take care of it! You wouldn't want to be asking your seatmate, or worst your professor, for a pen when they ask you to write or sign something, right? Impress your teacher and your classmates! Don't mind if they tease you a boy scout or girl scout for being ready and complete. At least, in the eyes of your professor, you're a responsible student.

3. 3" x 5" Index Card

Some professors require a small index card which will serve as your class record with them. Usually, they use this to tally your class recitation and other class activities. I suggest you bring a lot so you can share it with your classmates. This is a nice way to start making friends!

4. 1x1 ID Picture

Again, some professors require 1x1 ID. This is what you will put in an index card. Professors deal with hundreds of students every semester so don't expect them to remember you asap. The picture would help them identify your face then next, your name.

5. Stapler/Glue

This is actually optional. Some professors would just tell you to write your surname and course + class section at the back and he or she will be the one to stick it on the index card.

6. Small notebook

Binders or regular notebooks could be a hassle to bring on the first day so I suggest you bring a smaller notepad or book just to note down the important reminders, class room rules set by a professor or even assignments on your first day.

7. Yellow Pad paper

Some classes start on the first day while some don't. It really depends on the professor. So I suggest you bring a yellow pad paper. This is the pad you will use for the rest of the semester. You will use this pad during classroom activities, short quizzes, etc. Yes, some professors, after discussing something on the first day, would already give a short quiz so you be ready! Listen and understand well. Again, impress your teacher! It would help you with your college life, promise.

8. Umbrella

Always bring an umbrella! Based on my experience, you wouldn't really predict the weather. It could be sunny when you went in for a class but it could be raining after. This is a must most especially for those students who will be transferring to different college buildings for their classes.

9. Introduction Speech

If you think you're done with this, you're wrong! I know this is so high-school, but this is a way to break the ice as they call it. This is a way too for teachers to know a little bit more about you. Prepare your introduction speech so you won't mumble when it's your turn. As I keep saying, give good impression.

10. Confidence

Never forget your confidence at home. You need a lot of that to face your new classmates, your new teachers, and the new environment you'll be in for the next four (4) years. Without this, it would be harder for you to blend in and much harder for you to stand out.

Things to Know and Remember

1. 3 Gates

Gate 1 is the main gate. This is the gate near the CLA and CIHM building and the gate where students/walk-ins and visitors should enter. Gate 2 is located near St. Paul Hospital. This is the gate where other vehicles can enter and exit (no walk-ins). Gate 3 is the gate near the bridge. Vehicles and walk-ins (students + alumni) can pass through here.

Reminder: In the morning, vehicles can enter Gate 3 but must exit through Gate 2. This is to avoid traffic near the bridge during rush hours. If I'm not mistaken, Gate 3 is closed for exiting vehicles from 7-8am. I suggest you ask the guards to confirm.

2. Morning Traffic

Be advised that there is always heavy traffic to DLSU-D in the morning (rush hour). If you have a class between 7am-10am, make sure you leave the house early! It is better to be early than late. Be punctual always especially on your first day!

The heavy traffic begins along the bridge near Gate 3 and throughout Kadiwa. If you're caught in traffic, you have the option to go alight in Gate 3 and just take the Ikot Lasalle. It has an additional Php6.00 fare though.

3. Always wear your ID!

There will be SWAFO (School Welfare and Formation Office) officers going around the campus and checking students attire. If you're missing your ID, they will call you and ask where your ID is. If you've lost your ID, you will be told to report it to their office or if you forgot it, there will be corresponding sanctions. 

4. Uniform Schedule + Washday

Know your uniform schedule! The main uniform for girls is the white short sleeves polo and green pants while for boys, it is the brown pants and cream short sleeves polo. Then you have the PE uniform, business attire, washday, green shirt and other uniforms set by the college. You must know when to wear these to save you from trouble with the SWAFO.

Also, make sure to know the prescribed outfit or attire. You can visit SWAFO's office and they will guide you to what you should and should not wear.

5. Buildings and Classroom

Make sure to know your way around. Know and remember where the buildings are. You don't really have to memorize because in a few weeks time, you'll get used to it. But just in case you really can't find a building or classroom, don't be afraid to ask the other students or better yet, the other school staff.

6. TBA

If you have this in your registration form, don't go looking around for the building or classroom with the TBA word on it; something I'm guilty of! Haha! It simply means TO BE ANNOUNCED. You have to either confirm with your department or the registrar's office if they already have a classroom for that subject.

7. Ikot Lasalle

There are jeepneys within the school campus we call Ikot Lasalle. During our time, you just have to pay Php6.00 and they will drop you in front of your building. I just don't know if it increased. The proceeds of this ride, if I'm not mistaken, goes to the scholars.

8. Course Faculty, Chair and College Dean

Just like number 5, you also have to know your faculty and college heads. This is so you can greet them at the hallway or wherever you see them. It would be a shame if you were asked by someone and you can't identify the heads of our course or department. Don't be an ignorant. 

9. Comfortable black shoes

It is a must that you wear a comfortable black shoes because you'll be walking most of the time. Doll shoes are not allowed! I think they now require at least an inch for ladies. Please do confirm with the SWAFO.

10. Square/Cafeteria

Square is the name used for the campus cafeteria. The food stalls are designed in a square shape, hence the name Square. There are about 10+ food stalls you can choose from however, they are usually full during lunch time.

You can also try KND which is near the CBA building. They usually have set meals there and some snacks during the afternoon.

There are other cafeterias like the Museo and the one near the school library.

11. No plastic bags and drinking straw

Be reminded that De La Salle University - Dasmarinas is a plastic free campus. Plastic bags and drinking straws are not allowed. Plastic bottles of juices and softdrinks are still being sold inside but you have to properly dispose it. Help maintain the campus clean and green!

12.  Live Jesus in Our Hearts, Forever!

Classes begin and end with a prayer. And at the end of each prayer, is this line: Live Jesus in Our Hearts, Forever.


For now, these are the tips I will leave you with. I will continue to add if I remember something so please do come back and check it out.

If you're a former student of DLSU-D too (or even an existing one), feel free to comment your suggestions, advises, etc. 


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