My Timex Story

Jun 3, 2015

They say men are naturally obsessed with watches while girls are either obsessed with shoes or bags. So should that mean I'm more of a man than a woman? Haha! I'm more attracted to watches than to shoes or bags. If girls pair their outfits with bags or shoes, I choose watches.

Ever since high school, I've been addicted to watches. However, since I don't have my own money then, I just buy those from the flea markets which are usually priced 2-for-Php150 (Php75 each or roughly $1.68 each). Some of those watches strap didn't last long while the others had a very short battery life. When I brought my watches to a watch repair station, I was told that the batteries cost Php250! It's like buying a new one! So that's how I was able to collect so much low-quality watches back then. But when I graduated college, I was able to purchase my first ever branded wrist watch. It was my Timex Expedition. I was very satisfied with it.

I was only persuaded to buy another when the gold wrist watch became a trend. There was a specific brand that was trending and I didn't want to have that same watch like everyone else. I was very happy to find out Timex had their own gold watches. I didn't think twice and bought it. I knew I would be able to use this in formal and even in a casual attire. It was worth it.

Since I pair my outfit with watches, I knew I had to get a few more; the simultaneous usage of brown and gold was getting boring. I also wanted something more casual; something I can wear everyday. And as we all know, the silver watches are the most commonly used by both men and women. That's what I went for.

There were a lot of silver watches to choose from but I loved the simplicity of this one. Just like the first two, this was very easy to pair with outfits. My only mistake was, I did not consider the color of the inside. It doesn't have a glow in the dark feature which makes it hard for me to check the time at night.

And just recently, I had a new one. Actually, my mom was looking for her own watch when I saw this cute little black strap and asked her if it was nice. It was on sale so she asked me if I wanted it. Of course I didn't lie to her. Haha! Though I already have three (3) watches, I still wanted this black strap because it looks vintage and I don't have a vintage looking wrist watch yet. I knew it would be great to pair with dresses.

Looking at these four (4) makes me realize I have enough (for now, haha!). Well, I know I'd be buying another if I find a design I like but right now, I think I'm good with these four. I have (L-R) one for formal events, the other for my adventures, another for my everyday use and the last one for semi-formal invitations.

Why Timex?

Why Timex you might ask. Well, you see, I was very satisfied with my Timex Expedition. In a short period of time, Timex have caught my loyalty. Besides, I like the design or the style of their watches; even their collections for men. I find them functional and simply fashionable.

Your Favorite?

I'm sure you already know. It is my favorite not only because it's my first branded watch but because it has an indigo light feature that is very useful at night or when I'm in dark locations like the cinemas.


I learned that it is better to invest in a few pieces of watch with excellent quality (though a much higher price) than collect different designs of cheap watches with a poor quality.

I also learned that when purchasing watches, it's always better to go with the basic or simple designs as it is much easier to match with almost anything.

Timex has a lot of simple designs to choose from. They have the Expedition collection which is very ideal for those who loves adventure or who travels a lot. The straps of their watches are made of good quality and don't easily break (or come loose). The battery life of their watches last longer that you'd think. I haven't changed the battery of my Expedition and it has been about 3 years now since I bought it.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post. Everything stated here are my experiences and thoughts about the brand and their products. I'm a loyal customer of Timex.

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