Lucy Movie Review

Jun 1, 2015

Did you ever wish you had an ability other people in the world doesn't and will never have? Because frankly, I've always dreamed to have something like that. I wanted an ability that can help me capture criminals.

But for Lucy, it was a different story.

The average person uses 10% of their brain capacity. Imagine what she could do with 100%.

Warning: Review below might contain a few spoiler details.

The Movie

She was just an ordinary student in Taiwan. Her life changed after her boyfriend forced her to deliver the briefcase she's holding in the above photo. She didn't know what it contains and so was the person she had to deliver it to.

When they opened the briefcase, it contained packs of drugs. After a while she realized she's being held and one of the people who will be used to transport the drugs to another country. To do this, the drugs where placed inside their bodies.

Unfortunately, the drugs leaked and she started experiencing everything around her - space, air, vibrations, people and even the gravity.

Lucy's abilities were unimaginable and only Dr. Norman (Morgan Freeman) could explain what was happening to her. But it was already done or rather, too late. She have reached her 100% capacity.

From here, I'll leave it up to those who haven't watched the movie to know, understand and see what she can do. It's a sci-fiction movie so you have to really listen to the details being presented throughout the movie.

My Verdict

It was an exciting and awesome movie for me but might be the opposite for some. I remember my Mom telling me how she got bored and my Dad complaining how the entire movie ended just like that. Maybe you have to watch this with an open mind and not expect too much. Don't expect Scarlett Johansson to be doing the usual action stunts in this movie. So if you're after that, then you will be frustrated. Again, you need to watch this with an open mind.

Overall, I loved this movie because of the entire thought and how it was presented in the film. This is a kind of movie that will will make you think.


If you will be given a superpower,
what would you like to have?


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