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Jun 26, 2015

Growing a long hair is really not my thing. I always have hair cut short but my requested that I grow it long. I hate how hard it is to shampoo and rinse! Well you see, I'm honestly not the kikay kind. I even rarely comb my hair in a day and would usually just go for a messy bun because I get easily annoyed or tired fixing it.

Despite that, I granted my mom's wish to grow it. Now that it's beyond chest long, I'm tempted to cut it not just because I find it hard to maintain but because it looks boring already. So I checked what styles I can do with my hair and one of them is doing curls!

I already own a straight iron which, some say, I could use to curl my hair. After several days of trials and moving from one tutorial to another, I failed to do curls! I was really frustrated and just gave up. It was never my intention to find a new iron. I was just scrolling through my Instagram feed and came across @theainstashop's account. There I saw different curling irons for different kind of curls but this particular Nova Curling Iron caught my attention.


The product comes with a small manual that explains how to use it and important safety instructions. The power cord end connected to the body of the iron is rotatable which makes it easy to use and turn however, I have an issue with its cord. After a couple of twisting, the cords get tangled which is quite annoying for me.

The inside rod is the ceramic plate while the swirl like plastic serves as the guide for your hair. Above the power switch is the clamp where you will place your hair tip for easier usage.

This does not have a heat indicator (fixed heat only) unlike the other curling irons. But it is very easy to use and gives you great curls after.

I bought this for Php465 from Thea Insta Shop (@theainstashop) in Instagram; shipping fee not yet included. I was able to receive this 2 days after my payment.

Process and Performance

Here's the instructions from the manual:
  1. Fully unwind the main cable and plug the curler into the main socket and switch on the product.
  2. Wait for 3-5 minutes to allow the appliance to reach its working temperature.
  3. Divide your hair into manageable sections and clip the upper layers on top of your head and out of the way. Work with underneath layer first.
  4. Take a small section of hair and pull hair down and away from your scalp and hold it taut.
  5. Starting the roots, clamp hair firmly between the plates and run the curler down the entire hair strand, from root to tip, in one smooth stroke. Do not hold it in one area for a long period of time.
  6. Repeat with all the sections of your hairs.
  7. When done, turn the unit off, unplug the unit and allow it to completely cool down before cleaning or storing.
Above is a short video showing how I run down the hair from the curler. Some say that 10-seconds is enough but I noticed that some of my hair don't get heated/curled for that period of time. So I keep my hair in the curling iron for 20-second. Maybe if I use some hair styling product, I would reduce the time.

It's very easy to use and much safer than the curling rods. I didn't have to worry about it touch my skin because of the swirl like plastic guide; not only does it help your hair position itself in the rod, it also prevents burning yourself.


This is a simple before and after photo. I have yet to practice more to perfectly use this. I have to learn how to properly divide my hair to have an even turn out of curls.

After some hours, the curls became loose and it looks like beach waves. I just wasn't able to take a photo. But I like that kind of curls that the tight ones (refer to photo above).


Though this wasn't the design/color I initially wanted, I'm still very much satisfied with the curling iron. It delivered the kind of curls I was expecting and it was very easy to use. As mentioned earlier, I just have to keep practicing to get the hang of it. My curls were all over the place probably because 1) I didn't section my hair evenly and 2) the way I held/clamp it wasn't consistent with the others.

I saw that there are other colors available and a different design from what I've got. If you're ordering from her, make sure you indicate which one you're ordering to avoid miscommunication. Just a heads up though, you have to be patient enough to wait for the seller's response to your inquiries and orders.

photo credits to owner (not theainstashop's photo)
Do you recommend this product?

Yes! I'm very satisfied with the product. But if you want bigger waves or more tight curls, there are other curling irons available that can deliver that kind of curls.

Will you buy from this shop again?

Though I'm happy with the product, I wasn't that satisfied with the kind of service she has for her customers. She was able to deliver the product quickly however, she responds to inquiries/orders very late. So I might just look for another shop who can offer the same items with a much better customer service.


What's your favorite hair tool?


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