The Rub, Kapitolyo Pasig

Jun 19, 2015

This is a late post about one of my dinner dates for my 25th birthday last year. I was just looking through my external drive and realized I didn't get to blog about it so please, do allow me though it's almost a year ago.

It was rainy night of August 14, 2014 when I met up with one of my friends, Ate Mhelen. I wanted to spend my birthday with the people close and dear to me but it was only Ate Mhelen who was available that night. We met at Robinsons Pioneer and because I'm from the province, I really have no idea where else to eat aside from malls. She suggested we go to Kapitolyo. Never heard or been to the place so I said, sure.

I was surprised to see a lot of restaurants in that place! They were so many I couldn't make up my mind! Ate Mhelen suggested restaurants but unfortunately, there were all full! Then we saw The Rub, and when we got there, a group of people were leaving so... YAY! Seat for us!

at the rub kapitolyo
Say hello to Ate Mhelen

The Ambiance and Service

The place was small but not too crowded when full; there's still space. The air conditioning when we went there was good but I'm just not sure if it's still the same especially now that the weather is extremely hot.

Personally, I find the interior or ambiance of this restaurant American or urban. It has different posters on the wall, the counter, as you can see, has chalk boards and the long cushion seat is leather.

They were able to serve our food within minutes. The crew were very accommodating, approachable. and attentive to customers. 

The Food

Ate Mhelen and I both ordered their Singles (Raki's BBQ Ribs + a side dish + plain rice) which was Php220 ($5) each. I chose grilled butter corn as my side dish and added a Mac and Cheese.

The ribs were very tender and juicy sweet! This was my second time to eat ribs and it definitely surpassed my first experience. I was able to finish the ribs in just a few minutes. It felt like the serving was too small for me. Haha!

The mac and cheese was very delicious! It wasn't so creamy and wasn't so cheesy either; it was perfectly made! Ate Mhelen agreed when I said that ordering just the mac and cheese would already satisfy one's hunger.

This costs Php130 ($2.89). The serving was, again, too small for me! Haha!

By the way, when I say the serving was too small for me, I meant that the serving wasn't enough for me during our visit. Maybe I was just really hungry that night.

The Menu

Here's the menu of The Rubs last year. I'm not sure if it's the same prices. Nevertheless, providing it to at least give you an idea of their price range and their dishes so you can plan your visit with them

Overall Experience

I was very satisfied and I'm planning to visit them again this coming August (birthday month). There was definitely a value for money. I'm hoping to receive the same service and quality of food on my next visit.
What do you look for (taste, characteristic, etc) in a bbq rib?
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