Be Free From Game Requests on Facebook

Jun 10, 2015

Are you one of the many people who gets really annoyed at receiving game notifications every day? Well, worry no more as I will help you turn them off!

Earlier today, I came across a post on Facebook book showing how to turn of game requests. It is as easy as one, two, three!

Using your mobile phone's Facebok application:

1). Go to your Accounts Settings, scroll down to Apps and click it.

2) It should take you to this page. Click on to Platform and you will see that the Yes option is checked. Click No. You will be directed back to the Platform so click on it again to check if the option No is checked. If the check remains on the Yes option, check your connection and try again.

I have tried this both on an iOS (iPhone 5) and Android (Samsung) and it works.

I'm still working out where to find it for Desktop users but I believe if you've turned it off from your phone, it would sync with your Facebook profile and should also work when you're using a desktop.

Go on and try it out! Enjoy your freedom from annoying game requests! :)


Comment below if you can't find it on your phone
and we'll work it out for you.


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