Clyde's Bread & Pastries Now in SM Dasma

Jul 21, 2015

Filipinos are known to love eating cooked rice and the traditional breads like pandesal and other pastries like hopia and pan de coco. But a lot  have changed in the past years and we are now also heavy eaters of different breads and pastries - Filipino and non-Filipino.

This is probably why a lot of bakeries are opening throughout the country. And one of them is Clyde's Bread and Pastries. As of writing, they only have 3 branches: one (1) in UST (University of Sto. Thomas), another in SM Sta. Rosa and their 3rd branch just opened in the lower ground floor, SM DasmariƱas, near the escalator, next to Office Supplies store.

the Brand

With all honesty, it would be hard not to compare this with BreadTalk as they have similar products and almost similar ambiance but of course, there's still a distinction and it is through the taste of their products. This, I believe, would be the greatest challenge of Clyde's since they are competing with an established brand.

Aside from having their own taste distinction, I believe they'll be able to keep up with the competition through their location choices and their prices. When I visited the branch, the highest price I saw was Php48 (roughly $1.06) and the lowest was Php32 ($0.71). The prices are really affordable and reasonable. The servings were big enough too.

As for the location, I'm sure not all SM in the provinces has the other brand yet. If Clyde's get ahead of the other brand, it would really give them an edge. This is a personal insight from me who has graduated from Marketing and Advertising course.

the Bread and Pastries

To give you an idea of some of their products, I present you the ones I saw earlier. There were a lot more bread and pastries that I wasn't able to take a phot of because I only chose the ones I'm personally interested in.

Since they have just opened, they do not have the full product line of Clyde's.  According their staff, the cakes will be available in the near future and also beverages like coffee and such.

The best time to go there would be after lunch so they have just replenished all their display counters. There are two tables inside where you can dine in but since they do not have the beverages yet, I suggest you bring your own drinks first.

Bavarian | Php32 ($0.71)
Classic bread filled with vanilla custard, topped with coconut.



Pea-Nutty | Php36 ($0.79)
Go-nuts with this buttery bread filled peanut custard, topped with coconut.

Coffee Bun with Coffee Custard | Php36 ($0.79)
Soft and coffee coated bun, filled with coffee custard

Pizza Floss | Php42 ($0.93)
Pizza style bread, topped with pork floss, tomatoes and egg.

Tuna Melt | Php42 ($0.93)
Soft bread topped with tuna, mozzarella cheese and sweet onion.

the Verdict

I bought the typical Ham and Cheese (Php42/$0.93), Bacon filled (Php42/$0.93) and Golden Floss (Php48/$1.06). And I must say, the bread is very soft for all of them. I'm honestly not good at describing food but I like the floss of Clyde's than of BreadTalk. There's something about it's texture that made it more tasty.

The ham and cheese is a must try! It's really filled with the two ingredients which will really satisfy you. As for the bacon, I was quite disappointed at how I tasted more of the onion than the bacon. Nevertheless, it was still tasty. I just expected there would be more bacon in it.

All in all, Clyde's bread and pastries are a must try! They're very affordable, the size of serving is right and the breads are so soft. So don't forget to visit them in their branches and try them out yourself.

If you've tried them, what's your favorite from their offerings?
If you haven't, what type of bread or pastry do you like best?

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I personally wanted to try them out. All opinions and photos in this post are my own. If you want to use any of the photos, please do ask permission first or at least credit me. Thank you!

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